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does cbd oil need to be refrigerated

You can remedy such situations in various ways. First, run the bottle containing the CBD oil under warm water for a few seconds until it returns to its original form. The heat will melt the CBD oil, helping it flow freely from the bottle.

It is not necessary to refrigerate your CBD oil, but storing it in the fridge can help extend its shelf life. A refrigerator helps provides the right temperature for storing CBD products. So, those who buy CBD oil products in bulk can store them in a fridge to maintain their freshness. But take note that you’ll notice some changes to your CBD oil when you refrigerate it. For instance, the oil becomes thicker and cloudier, and hence more difficult to use.

If you live in an a colder environment, then a cool and dry cupboard or drug cabinet will keep your CBD oil in good condition. But if you live in an area that experiences extreme heat, it can be better to store your CBD oil in the fridge. CBD products must be kept in cool and dark places and below 21 degrees Celsius.


Do not leave your CBD oil inside your car, especially when the weather is scorching. If you live in an area that experiences very hot weather, it can be a good idea to store your product in a cool place like the fridge. Also, keep your CBD oil away from appliances that produce heat, such as televisions, dishwashers, ovens, and lighting.

This is one of the reasons why CBD oil is packed in relatively small quantities, so that it won’t take you too long to consume it all once you open the bottle. Just make sure you tighten the cover on the bottle after every use.

CBD oil is sensitive to moisture, excess heat, air exposure, and direct sunlight. This is why storing your CBD oil in a bottle and keeping it in a dark place like a pantry or a dry cabinet is a good idea. Keeping it in a fridge is just one option, and it comes with some consequences.

The long answer is that refrigeration can be one of the best ways to preserve your CBD oil, even though it is not mandatory. There are other ways you can store the product to extend its shelf life.

People who use CBD oil on a daily basis often purchase it in bulk to make sure they don’t run out of it. You should be aware that CBD oil has a specific shelf life. But can you freeze CBD oil to help it last longer?

To know how long you can store CBD oil, pay attention to its color. The longer you store the product without freezing it, the less effective it will become. The darker the oil gets, the less useful it will be. So if you see it starting to change color, make sure to use it!

In fact, no, you don’t need to keep your CBD oil in the fridge. Instead, it’s best to keep it in your pantry or a cupboard that stays cool but not too cold.

Should CBD Oil Be Frozen?

The lid plays a major role in preserving the beneficial properties of CBD oil. There’s a reason why the oil comes in a well-sealed jar or bottle. If the oil is exposed to too much oxygen, the chemical balance will change, reducing the quality and effectiveness.

Also, not all CBD oils can be stored this way, since some may contain other ingredients that shouldn’t be frozen. So, if you want to know if you can freeze your CBD oil, you should contact the company you bought it from. They will tell you exactly how to store that specific CBD product.

Here’s everything you need to know about storing CBD oil.

However, as more and more people purchase this product, there’s confusion about how to store CBD oil. Some people suggest keeping it in the fridge, while others put it in a cupboard. Should CBD oil be refrigerated? Can it stay on your kitchen counter, or does it need to be stored away from direct sunlight?

Tinctures are the most common way to use cannabidiol, where hemp extract is diluted in a carrier oil such as hemp seed oil or MCT coconut oil.

If you are looking for other places to keep your CBD a cool cabinet away from light, a dry pantry, the basement or cellar are all ideal locations to store your CBD oil.

How should you store your CBD oil?

Research suggests that light exposure is the most significant factor in the deterioration of cannabinoids, closely followed by exposure to air.

For example, raw CBD hemp oil is usually a mix of raw full spectrum hemp paste combined with raw hemp seed oil. This product will likely have a shorter shelf life than another CBD oil which has undergone some further processing by way of decarboxylation (heating).

To give you visibility of how long our CBD oil will maintain its freshness, Nature & Bloom CBD oil comes with an expiry date. You can find this information listed directly next to or above the batch number located on the bottle.