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dog cbd oil las vegas

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How CBD Hemp Can Help Your Dog

There have also been cases of dogs that were healed from arthritis and heart murmurs using whole cannabinoid plant extracts with CBD and a little bit of THC, which is diluted with a bit of cold pressed hemp seed oil for good measure. This combination of cannabis-based herbal medicine has been able to literally improve heart murmurs (which almost never happens), as well as restore mobility in a dog with arthritis so that they can enjoy moving around again.

Success Stories

However, the type of hemp which contains therapeutic benefits for dogs is somewhat different from the kind you’ll find in grocery store aisles. If this sounds a bit confusing to you, read on below to find out the distinction between the two.

CBD hemp is also quite effective in healing a number of chronic conditions as well, such as arthritis, aggression, stress responses and digestive issues, while further studies are currently in the process of proving the effectiveness of CBD hemp in helping with Type 1 diabetes, cancer, and organ diseases.