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dr chris shade cbd oil

Shade: Quicksilver Scientific specializes in delivery systems, ways to get the compounds into little, lipid-based carrier spheres that are so small that they passively diffuse through mucosal membranes, like your oral mucosa, the sublingual space, as you’re swallowing, through the stomach, the upper GI. It’s the rapid and complete absorption of these little nano-spheres which is what we do, and when we stick CBD in there, there’s a very fast uptake, there’s a high total uptake, and it’s a very rapid uptake. One of the things that’s a problem with CBD is there’s only net about 10% uptake of all the CBD you swallow. That’s a very expensive molecule, as you know, and so you’re throwing away a lot of that and not getting a lot. The stuff you do absorb is absorbed over the whole transit time of the GI, so if we look at uptake versus time, you have a very gradual, slow movement into the blood. The blood levels, the peak blood levels never get very, very high.

Shade: Because what are the disorders? There’s some part of you in that yin-yang balance that’s stuck over here, or stuck over there. Anything that helps you zip together so many fundamental processes, everything just starts to come back together again. I mean, it runs through all of our different protocols, because it’s that X-factor for zipping it all up again.

Christopher Shade, PhD: Always a pleasure.

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Gazella: Now, what about mental health? You’ve now just listed some conditions that are related to our physical health, but what about some conditions associated with mental health?

Shade: No. Don’t be afraid to use it for a wide variety of conditions. Work your dosages up until you get the effects that you want. Let people know, especially if they’ve never had anything like this, the feeling that they have in the first couple of days may be more intense than it will be later, but it’s not . Most of the other supplements, there’s more tricks around it and things to watch out for. Not so much with this.

Shade: Oh, yeah.

Shade: Yeah.

RJ : You’re good to go.

RJ : Hmm. Well, that’s good man. I’m glad again that everyone is staying safe. It’s weird because like when you ask someone how they’re doing, it’s like what are you asking me about? The fires? Are you asking me about the pandemic? Are you asking me about the election? Like there’s so much.

Dr. Shade : I got a whole conference, you know that personal interaction is just totally totally lost.

Dr. Shade : At least not as a business and so I left and I went back to school and I got a master’s looking at agricultural pollution, nutrient pollution and then I was going to do a PhD and I thought I was going to do that and I went to the University of Illinois where there was a big Agronomy school and they had me interview with this guy, Bob Hudson who was studying global cycling of Mercury and global cycling of carbon. They built this big model, these carbon cycling models that he applied to Mercury cycling models and he’s like, well, I want to get on my own data and he was just the smartest dude by a long shot there and he said, you know, can you start a lab? And can you design this methyl Mercury analyzer for me? I’m like, absolutely! What’s a methyl Mercury? And he just set me loose and you know, begged and borrowed steel equipment from all the old professors there and you know who rooted me on and I figured it all out and got a patent and started my company with this testing technology.

Dr. Shade : Yeah. So you got these toxins in there, you know some plastic, you plasticize, you’re exposed to a metal, you know, pesticide what have you there, they get into the blood and they get into the cells and then you get to get them back out. So, how are you going to get them out? And it’s this sort of relay race, where first you tag them and these are these phases so phase one, two, three. Phase one, you’re gonna kind of cut into it and make it reactive and then you’re going to link, it’s like a shipping tag on it, one of your molecules that you make like glutathione. I needed for Mercury detox, you can link that onto a pesticide say so now you’ve got this pesticide glutathione complex in the cell and now it’s recognizable by a transport system and this transport system are at the cell membranes and it’s going to boot it out of the cell into the blood. All right, so okay phase one was cutting into it phase two is linking your thing onto it, you’re tagged onto it and phase 3 is popular across this transporter. Now, it’s in the blood and now there’s a couple more phase 3 reactions and one of them pulls that glutathione toxin conjugate into the liver cell and then the next one dumps it out of the liver cell into the bile, which is that green liquid that comes out of the liver and it’s usually you think of it for digestion, but it’s also moving the toxins out and then from there it goes down into the GI tract and then you poop it out now similarly the kidneys can pull it into the urinary flow and you can pee it out and can even do a little bit of sweating it out, but livers the biggest one, kidneys next and then other pathways and so you need all these, the phase 1, phase 2, phase 3 and you need that linked to the bile flow so you got to make sure your biles flowing and then when it gets down to the GI tract, then you want a binder to pick it up and that’s where something like charcoal comes in and we make a more sophisticated product that’s got charcoal and zeolites and something called kitozan and a special metal binder along with some things to heal the GI tract and so we line this all up, you know, turn up all these phases, turn up the bile flow, get your binders in place and when you do all that it works really really well. Now the one key is that when you’re all toxic and sick your nervous system gets all jacked up in the toxins in the brain get your brain all jacked up and it’s called a sympathetic autonomic tone, where you’re in fight or flight so, you know, there’s fight or flight and then there’s rest and digest and in rest and digest, its rest, digest repair, regenerate, detoxify so you need to get yourself out of that wind up mode and that’s where the CBD comes in. So we hit all these things at once. We put the CBD in the calm you down, we put the compounds to wind up the phases in the cell, we put the herbal extracts to wind up the bile flow and do that all at once and then a little bit later come in with the binder to pick it all up and you’ve got this beautiful scientifically developed integrated detoxification system.