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Best wishes,
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For anybody living in the UK you will know who Boots are. If you don’t, we would be surprised. They’re a high street chemist chain who sell anything from sandwiches, to cough medicine and photographs. These days, Boots are huge! My memories of boots include getting family photos published when it used to be the old film cameras.

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With CBD having so many health and wellbeing benefits, and with the rising concern that most of the oils on the market are fake (or mis-sold), it makes sense that people go to the trusted and well known brands for their daily Cannabinoid dose. But we would always advise basing your decisions on the products themselves rather than the brands behind the products.

CBD Oil From Boots (Dragonfly)

This is another interesting story from a Reddit user about their experience with the Boots CBD oil. They suggest that because the oil is only isolate/broad spectrum, it will not provide the same benefits as a full spectrum CBD oil.

A lot of the companies that Boots seem to stock are the kind that have huge marketing budgets and bumble around the hemp expos with massive stands and a flock of vultures (I mean salespeople). They are just the crowd that hang about the executives of companies such as Boots and sell their very average, overpriced products with an extraordinary mark-up. These are very corporate machines who are geared up and ready to pump out thousands of units at any given moment.

Before writing this, I was sure that Boots had their own brand of Cannabidiol but I was proven wrong with a quick Google search. They actually sell a range of other brands who offer hemp oil drops, balms and flavoured products. To be honest, nothing here stands out to us as special.

There seems to be a huge gulf between the overpriced CBD from boots, and those of smaller companies who sometimes offer better quality! We know personally, they are pretty damn good CBD oils (even for dogs & Pets)!!