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Much has already been said about the medical benefits of CBD , with advocates contending its all-natural properties can alleviate symptoms of a wide-ranging number of ailments, including anxiety, depression, pain, insomnia, schizophrenia , even cancer .

Added Shellhammer: “I think we’ll continue to see millennials strike a balance between using technology to make their lives more fulfilling and convenient and making a conscious decision to unplug in favor of real-world experiences.”

According to the company, millennial shoppers purchased over 217,400 diffusers — devices that disperse scented oils — off eBay this year so far, with a spike in sales over 58% during the last six months alone. And for the first time eBay has disclosed such sales, millennial shoppers also purchased 39,000 cannabidiol (CBD) oils and supplements this year and conducted 284,000 related searches, ostensibly in a bid to treat symptoms of anxiety. (Although CBD comes from the same plant as THC, CBD is better known for its potential medical benefits and does not get the user high.)

A booming market for CBD oils

Ebay’s aromatherapy sales may not be all that surprising, given its long-established mood and stress-relieving benefits . However, the company’s stats around CBD-related online searches and sales not only speak to a more recent, growing movement to tackle so-called “ digital wellbeing ” in different ways, they also speak to the quietly growing CBD market. According to the Brightfield Group, a cannabis analytics firm, the CBD market is expected to grow from just $591 million in overall sales this year to a staggering $22 billion by 2022.

“With the ubiquity of mobile devices, millennials are taking deliberate steps to occasionally disconnect, or prioritize wellness,” eBay Vice President of Buyer Experiences Bradford Shellhammer told Yahoo Finance at the Open Mobile Summit on Tuesday in Burlingame, California.

The eBay executive also noted another unique millennial shopping trend: their need for instant gratification applies to how they spend, contributing to impulsive purchases — at least in years past .

Many millennials may be worried over a possible lack of social security when they retire, but in the shorter-term, the younger demographic is more concerned about products that help ease their state of mind, says one eBay ( EBAY ) executive.

Here is the lab report, with screenshots of the Ebay listing and a photo of the product as it arrived.

Now any CBD Oil manufacturer would immediately see red flags upon seeing this product at this price – the supposed 4500mg of “Hemp oil extract” content (i.e. one would rightly assume that means 4500mg full spectrum CBD) alone costs more than £14.95 – even when buying in large bulk direct from a hemp farm. Then there’s the cost of the bottle, the carrier oil, labour to fill the bottle, cost of printing the label, Ebay fees, Paypal fees, 1st Class postage, potentially 20% VAT, oh and ideally some profit margin.

And finally the lab test report. Note “<0.03%” is the lab’s way of saying “Not Detected”, in other words if there is any present, it’s the tinest of traces, below the sensitivity of their analytical machine. Certainly not the 4500mg claimed in the seller’s Ebay product listing.

So we already had big suspicions about the product and the way it was advertised, but thought we’d test purchase it and send it off for lab testing to find out for sure.

So I think the moral of the story, when buying CBD oil, is this – if it’s too good (i.e. cheap) to be true then it probably is! And read the small print and ingredients list carefully.

Now the seller might turn around and say, “well in fact we’re only selling it as hemp oil, that’s what it says on the plastic tube we package it in, and in the ingredients on the Ebay listing we state just 100% organic C.Sativa oil”.

When the results came back it was still shocking to see, even though expected. There were ZERO cannabinoids in the product, absolutely nothing, zitch, nada. It’s quite simply hemp seed oil – that costs about £15 per litre (15p per 10ml!) to buy in, and nothing else.

Проверенная покупка: да | Состояние товара: Новые

Проверенная покупка: да | Состояние товара: Новые

1 BX Camphor Tablets W/64 Pieces Tablet Tablets 200gm

I know it recommends 1 bottle per month if your symptoms are more than average you should take more my mom uses 1 bottle per week for diabetes ,kidney failure ,arthritis, heart failure, and copd was nursing home bound now shes a new person back to feeling like 15 years ago and shes been on it for 2 months now

Проверенная покупка: да | Состояние товара: Новые

I’ve been using CBD oils since 2013, and I’ve seen great strides in purity and effectiveness. Improvements in the last four years has been remarkable. So has the price drop. This is a perfect example of innovative purity combined with excellent quality. “This ain’t your grandma’s CBD Oil!” lol I can say this has been the most effective one I’ve used. Going between 500mg – 1000mg is really the best way to see good results and less product to use. I’ve seen external blemishes, external cuts ans scrapes and even acne react quickly to this one. Internally, hands down, the best around (@500mg). Though there’s others out there I’ve gotten stronger and seen similar results, the price point is point-on with this one! Thank you folks over at go green! Way to go! You got a lifer’ here 🙂