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elfs gifts cbd oil

Our Cannabis Sativa Collection harnesses the skin-loving benefits of hemp seed oil with THC-free products that pack a punchy name, but don’t have any psychoactive properties. Hemp oil for skin care purposes is enjoying a recent revival in popularity, though it has had its devoted followers for many years – and for good reason! Hemp seed oil is amino-rich, deeply nourishing and conditioning all skin types for a healthy, hydrated look and feel that you definitely won’t want to puff, puff, pass on!

If you’re ready to revamp your skin care regimen, consider our Skin Hit Kit, featuring our full Cannabis Sativa collection – Calm Balm, All the Feels Facial Oil, Happy Hydration Face Cream, and quick-absorbing Puff Puff Primer. Our travel-friendly Mini Skin Hit Kit also makes for a wonderful way to try the whole collection without committing to full size products, or to simply ensure you always have your skin care needs covered, wherever your day takes you.

While hemp oil offers many benefits for the skin, we didn’t stop there. Our formulas are further enriched with a powerhouse of totally dope dermal delights, including soothing vitamins, moisture-locking hyaluronic acid, sunflower seed oil, shea butter, jojoba seed oil, carrot seed oil, and more.

Very odd unhelpful store and staff, employee followed us around with a hula hoop spinning, in a small store this made it very hard walk around her when asked her a question she just said that way and pointed in a direction and then finally stopped following us, only issue she didn’t even point us in the right direction, and once we found the item it was almost double the average retail price of competitors in area. Will not be going back, I suggest go to A-Z or Marley’s, or better yet take the drive to Big J’s

Review by Mike Rohde

Elf’s Gifts on 3440 W College Ave

Everything here, literally just about everything, you can get on eBay/Amazon for 80% cheaper. They buy their inventory from eBay and sell it for more than twice the price. They are also well known for caring more about money than customer service and are very rude to their employees. I mean if you want to waste your money and your time, give it a go.. otherwise there is at least 4 other shops in the area that are reasonably priced and better quality.

Review by Bernardo Cano

CooL stuff. OVERPRICED and UNHELPFUL staff. Place is going downhill. Shop elsewhere, glad I won’t be returning. A-Z Tobacco is your better option