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endoca hemp oil drops 1500mg cbd

The main difference is the concentration of Cannabidiol (CBD). So, when buying our 15% CBD Hemp Oil drops, you’ll get more CBD – the principal active ingredient, but you’ll also get less amounts of the other 400 molecules. So in this case less can be more.

*Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural constituent of the hemp plant. No preservatives, artificial colors, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO

15% CBD Hemp Oil Drops can be taken under the tongue using the dropper provided, ideally on an empty stomach.

What’s the difference between 15% and 3% CBD hemp oil drops?

A basic necessity to live in balance, without which our health will suffer. The hemp plant’s unique combination of cannabinoids, terpenes, essential fatty acids and nutrients work seamlessly together with our bodies to support a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

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The cannabinoid Cannabidiol (CBD) has been officially acknowledged by the European Union as an antioxidant, anti seborrhoeic, skin conditioner, and skin protector. Furthermore, for thousands of years, the hemp plant has been used by people to care for their skin.

Hemp oil drops are taken under the tongue with a handy dropper, They also have a higher bioavailability rate as they absorbed by the blood vessels in the mouth. CBD capsules are easy to swallow. However, they have to pass through the digestive system, which in effect means that less CBD will be absorbed into the bloodstream.

15% Raw Hemp Oil Drops are made from the entire plant – including both CBD and CBDa, extracted without chemicals using C02. The lack of heat means the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are preserved.

Other natural moleculesCannabis plant waxes, flavonoids (Quercetin, Apigenin, and Cannaflavin), alkanes, nitrogenous compounds, amino acids, ketones, glycosides, vitamins, pigments, water, cofactors, and co-nutrients.

Expertly crafted by nature’s scientists

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The cannabinoid Cannabidiol (CBD) has been officially recognised by the European Union as antiseborrhoeic, an antioxidant, a skin protector and skin conditioner. In fact the hemp plant has been used throughout history to care for people’s skin.

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The concentrated capsule version of our CBD hemp oil, perfect for those who want a stronger product with a controlled amount of CBD+CBDa in capsule form. Each capsule contains 50mg of CBD+CBDa. The bottle contains 30 capsules.
• Unheated (Raw) • Easy to dose, tasteless and discreet • Organic cer.

Our classic, lower strength CBD drops, the perfect choice for everyday healthy living. Each bottle contains 300 mg of CBD+CBDa. A single drop contains: 1mg CBD+CBDa. There are 300 drops in total per 10ml bottle.
• Unheated (Raw) • Easy to dose and fast absorption • Suitable for dogs • Organic certifica.

Raw CBD Hemp Oil Drops: Total 300mg CBD+CBDa (3%)