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Lifelong Vitality

As one of our most popular products, LLV is full of essential nutrients, metabolism benefits and powerful antioxidants designed to help promote energy, health and

Today’s growing interest in using essential oils for self-care is due first and foremost to the allure of their scent and the pleasure they provide. But, it is their therapeutic benefits that broaden their appeal and make essential oils so popular. During these uncertain times, it is their antimicrobial action and ability to improve our overall emotional, physiological and spiritual wellbeing, that make essential oil therapy so worthwhile.

Alternatively, applying oils to the skin enables their healing properties to enter the body. By adding a few drops to a teaspoon of sweet almond or jojoba, and massaging target areas of the body, you will nourish the skin while enhancing overall health with regular use.

Diffusing your oils in open areas of the home is the best and most practical method of use. The particles are released as vapour, circle the air and enter our nose to work instantly on the brain.

How have essential oils become so popular?

Known to have great therapeutic benefits for your overall health, essential oils play a vital role in creating a relaxing home environment. With so many different scents and oils available on the market, we found it quite tricky to figure out where to start. So, we chatted with Pat Princi-Jones, In Essence’s aromatherapy expert and the author of A Scented Life, all about essential oils to kickstart our learning. To help you find the best essentials oils to use in your home, along with our favourite scents and blends, check out our article below!

Don't know your sandalwood from your geranium? We've got you with expert advice on finding the best essential oils for your home.

Essential oils can be your preferred line of defence during the coming months, as they offer real protective benefits regardless of the application you choose. If you start using them as soon as flu symptoms appear, you may limit the duration of a cold. If you are in good health, oils can even help prevent secondary bacterial infection when used regularly.