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Joe Bauer:
Okay. And what are your thoughts?

Evan DeMarco:
So then I started really looking at prenatal vitamins and like it’s not the drinkable component, it’s the fact that prenatal vitamins really suck. They haven’t changed in the last 30 years. The same prenatal that my mom was taking is the same thing you can buy on the shelf right now. So what I really wanted to do was understand fetal brain development, infant brain development, and in doing such, I created a product called Alpha and Omega, which is a combination of high concentrate, the Aha and Alpha glycerol phosphocholine, which based off of some, uh, a European food safety agency study, uh, indicated that those were the predominant sources of breast milk for Dha and for Coleen. So when we look at fetal brain development, when we look at infant brain development and when we look at our, how our brains develop over the course of like the first two or three years, these two constituent parts of breast milk really are the catalysts for some of the biggest brain growth that we have as human beings.

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Evan DeMarco:
That is an awesome question. And the answer to that is I have no freaking clue. Honestly. Like the endocannabinoid system is something that we’re really just starting to understand. I think we’ve always known about it. We knew that it was there, but it was kinda like the spleen, right? They’re like, what the hell does this do? And no one actually knew what the endocannabinoid system did, what it was good for, how it really synergistically worked with the central nervous system, and how it really the CB 1 and CB 2 receptors played really important and vital roles in our general health and wellness. So I think kind of like the spleen, it was like, okay, well we’ve got this. We don’t know what it does, so we’re not going to focus on it. Now that we’ve been able to really look at the CBD research and a lot of the research that’s coming out of Europe where the compliance or the regulatory environment is a little bit more lax than it is here.

Evan DeMarco:
They’re going the extra mile to make sure that all of the THC is removed and then you’ve got that product. But I also say if you’re going to purchase a product as a professional athlete or if there’s any concern that you might be drug tested is you want to have all of the documentation. I need a c of a and a spectral analysis that shows that this is 100 percent nondetectable now NSF for Sport, which is the, uh, the testing agency that actually admonishes, uh, or validate certain dietary supplement products for use in professional sports. They are looking at CBD. So if you find a company that has an NSF for Sport logo on there, then you can kind of rest assured that they’ve gone through that whole testing process and that they have the non detectable levels of THC.

Ok. Let’s dive in…
– What is CBD oil,
– AND what is THC, and how are the similar and different?
– How did you get into or get excited about CBD oil?
– What are the positive impacts of CBD oil on the body?
– I’ve heard that CBD can work better with THC, is this true?
– How can CBD positively impact a competitive athlete?
– Can an athlete pop a drug test when taking CBD?
– What does Full Spectrum mean, and do we want this?
– How much CBD should someone be taking each day, and will different amounts impact different things in the body?
– What is the best delivery system for CBD oils?
– Should CBD oil be cycled on and off?
– Is CBD oil legal everywhere?
– How can someone tell if they are taking a high quality CBD oil?
– Is there any long-term research showing CBD to be safe?
– Is there anything that we haven’t talked about that you think is important for people to know?

Evan DeMarco – is a sports medicine and nutrition expert, published author, public speaker and frequent guest on television, radio, and digital platforms. He is a successful entrepreneur whose interests include optimal health, diet and fitness. Evan travels the world to work with top research scientists, doctors and ingredients manufacturers to build functional medicine platforms that combine the use of premium-quality supplements with holistic approaches to treat the world’s largest health crises. Evan’s recent focus has been studying the powerful effects of CBD, which came from the position of being an athlete, and demanding transparency in the cannabis supply chain. His research and work on the regulatory side of CBD have made him one the most notable speakers and key opinion leaders for CBD. In his role as Chief Science & Marketing Officer at Omax Health, he’s focused on developing innovative ingredient technologies surrounded around topical and ingestible CBD.