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Only purchase from CBD oil Missouri companies or other US companies with non-GMO organically grown hemp products that are 3rd party tested and contain no solvents.

Extract Naturals offers concentrated Missouri CBD products extracted from hemp, including nano-tech and pharmaceutical grade options.

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Extract Naturals dispensary is a CBD oil Missouri company that provides concentrated high-grade CBD products for doctors offices, chiropractors and vet clinics across the United States. Extract Naturals was one of the first US companies to have a pharmaceutical-grade CBD product. The Extract Naturals CBD products are non-GMO, use organically grown hemp, and are 3rd party tested. All products have a high bioavailability index and are free of synthetic additives, heavy metals, pesticides and solvents.

We're so confident in our products we offer 100% money back guarantee

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Our CBD capsules became one of the first pharmaceutical grade CBD products in the United States

We have a patent pending nanoemulsion extraction process

The 2018 Farm Bill legalize d the cultivation and sale of hemp in all 50 states.