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feals cbd oil flight

To me, this is the kind of thing more CBD brands should offer. Many people don’t have the opportunity to test out what strength works for them and can risk wasting money on a product that doesn’t work. It can easily turn people off the stuff. This offers consumers a way of finding what strength is best suited to their tolerance and lifestyle without having to commit to a full bottle.

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Feals CBD Flight

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Once you’ve figured out which dose you like, you can either buy a single bottle or sign up for a monthly membership (you can skip months if you don’t finish the bottle). If you find one that works, why not make it so you never have to think about running out? My one suggestion to make this even better? Give a little rebate if you buy the flight towards a full-size bottle. I know that always encourages me.

The Feals Flight is $20 and comes with three different strengths of CBD: 600 MG, 1,200 MG, and 2,400 MG per dose. The vials of oil are a single dose to be taken when you want and contain up to 160MG of CBD (the “dosage” strength refers to how much CBD is found in a full-size bottle). All you need to do is pop the cap and pour the vial under your tongue, letting it absorb for 30 seconds before swallowing.

The $20 flight contains three CBD vials of increasing strength.

It’s no secret that working at Scouted grants you access to testing out lots of products. And one of the most common ones (and trendy ones) is CBD. For months, I get to test and tweak what dosage or brand of CBD to try out, but that’s not how the average consumer would be experiencing it. Feals, a new CBD brand, understands that and has created an ingenious way to make sure you’re getting the CBD dosage that works for you. They’ve created a sampler (or a flight) of three levels of CBD that anyone can try out.

Feals CBD only stocks three products, and they are divided by milligram strength. Here are the options.

Feals CBD is a trustworthy and reputable brand that offers high-quality products. One of the company’s main focuses is customer experience, which is why they made the decision to implement the direct-to-consumer model.

Additionally, every product comes with a unique QR code that customers can scan to check results. If you want to learn more about the company itself, check out the “stories” tab on the site, where you can read plenty of user-based reviews.

Negative Thoughts

If you want to know how Feals are changing the face of CBD, check out our highlights below.

Feals CBD does things a little differently in the CBD market. They use a direct-to-consumer manufacturing approach, and also offer membership options whereby customers can sign up to receive products regularly at discounted rates.

Feals offers free shipping to all destinations within the US; international shipping doesn’t appear to be available. The company does offer a flexible return policy though. For first-time customers, they accept returns within 30 days. For subsequent orders, returning customers are given 60 days, as long as the product is still in good condition.

One downfall is that Feals CBD doesn’t offer a huge selection of products. For example, they only sell their CBD oil in three strengths. It’s always nice to have at least a few different products to choose from, so we hope the team will consider adding a new range of products in the near future.

For day-to-day anxiety, I stick to about 40 mg worth of drops. I feel like myself—just less frazzled.

Although this stuff definitely works, it’s not cheap. One 600 mg bottle will set you back about $75. However, with a monthly subscription (which you can pause or cancel whenever), you’ll save about $22, or 30 percent. But the coolest part of Feals, the flights will only set you back $20. To me, that isn’t bad considering it could save you $75 if you decide it’s not for you. And hey, no one says you can’t take what you learn about dosage from the Feals flight and apply it to other CBD products. Just sayin’.

Enter, Feals, a subscription service that launched a few years ago that sells “flights,” or three vials containing 40 mg, 80 mg, and 160 mg of CBD oil. The company recommends feeling out the 40 mg tube before working your way up to 80 mg and beyond.

Is it worth it?

When my full-size bottle containing 600 mg of CBD (1200 and 2400 mg bottles also exist) arrived, I was pleased to discover that the tincture dropper had markings so you could measure down to the 10 mg. A full dropper was about 40 mg, half was 20, and a fourth was 10.

Cannabidiol, or the stuff in hemp or weed that helps you feel calm without the munchies or a new affinity for animal documentaries, is basically everywhere now— a pack of CBD gummies at a gas station, bottles of tinctures at a spa, or a CBD seltzer on the menu at a bougie coffee shop aren’t out of the ordinary.

When I got my three test vials, I cracked open the lowest dose, which smelled like straight-up weed, dumped it under my tongue, held it there for 30 seconds before swallowing, and then. waited. TBH, I didn’t feel much.

So based on my experience with the 40 mg vial and the 80 mg vial, I made some predictions: I’d probably only need about 50 to 60 mg for normal sleeping purposes. For situations where I’d need to combat stress but still get stuff done, 30 to 40 mg would probably do it for me.