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floyd’s of leadville cbd hemp oil

Avid marathoner and runner Erin Laplander credits the completion of her first Leadville Trail 100 Run to her CBD regime stating, “Floyd’s CBD products did wonders. I took a 25mg Gem every two to three hours during the race and I really think they helped immensely. I also rubbed on the Sports Cream both times I passed Twin Lakes.”

Testing For Quality and Purity

CBD has recently been embraced in the athletic community across disciplines and levels of competition as athletes look for a legal performance edge. Professional runner and Olympic hopeful Noah Droddy is an avid user of Floyd’s CBD products and incorporates them into his training and recovery routine. After setting a personal best of 2:11:42 at last year’s Chicago Marathon, Droddy suffered from a knee injury that forced him to spend months recovering.

A Recovery and Workout Solution

“I have spent countless hours on massage tables, in the gym, and doctors’ offices,” Droddy says. “I have definitely used CBD as a tool in this process. I always take a Floyd’s Recovery Protein shake to my gym sessions and use the SoftGels as well. At night, I’ll usually slather some Warming Balm on the knee, and I’ve been waking up feeling pretty good!”

During the manufacturing process, each batch of products is independently third-party laboratory tested for quality and purity and labeled with a QR code so consumers can be sure they are consuming the precise dosage and ingredients listed.

Floyd’s of Leadville’s Farm Manager Wayne Bendistis uses ”Syntropic farming,” which he describes as an ecosystem management perspective rather than simply farming.

In the meantime, I’ve had to find ways to dull the pain enough to function daily. I’ve been off the bike, which has been detrimental to my physical and mental health. I’m desperate to get spinning again. But I’m allergic to Ibuprofen and Advil. Tylenol only provides mild relief. (It’s also pretty rough on the liver.) And the idea of subsisting off of such medications daily certainly wasn’t appealing.

“Relax and Recover” is printed on the bottle. It makes sense: After a long ride, inflammation seems inevitable. I’ve used the capsules after a ride and it seems to work just as well as any recovery drink I’ve ever tried. But I haven’t yet tried it after an all-day grind in the mountains; I’ll get to that this summer when I’m back on the bike. Landis says his company will be announcing a CBD recovery drink soon, too.


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A visit to the doctor revealed the possibility of a bulging disc in my spine. Doc said an X-ray was probably in order (which I still haven’t done) and he offered several solutions, from muscle relaxers to surgery, though he cautioned against the latter. I opted for a daily regimen of stretches in hopes of relieving the pain.

And legality is also a bit of a gray area. Since Floyd’s CBD is derived from hemp, it appears to be legal in all 50 states. But some states have specific regulations regarding CBD’s legality. It’s best to check your local laws before purchasing. Floyd’s of Leadville ships its products within the United States only.