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gastroparesis cbd oil

In the study, 24 patients with gastroparesis symptoms were prescribed medical marijuana for 60 days. After the trial period, all patients reported a statistically noteworthy improvement in their symptoms, including abdominal pain. This led the NCBI to conclude that cannabinoids can dramatically improve severe symptoms of gastroparesis.

Although there is no definite cure for this medical condition, there are several medications and surgical remedies that have proved to be effective in mitigating symptoms. Among the most commonly used medicines is a cannabinoid (CBD). However, many concerns have been raised over the efficacy of CBD in treating gastroparesis. So, in this article, we will answer this question: Does CBD help with gastroparesis? In short, CBD is not a conclusive sure but can help some people manage their symptoms.

If you always have difficulties emptying your stomach naturally, then you are probably suffering from gastroparesis–partial paralysis of the stomach. This is a serious medical condition that prevents the stomach from emptying itself of food naturally. Gastroparesis is normally characterized by nausea, an unsettled stomach, heartburn, and always having a full stomach.

Factors to Consider When Treating Gastroparesis with CBD

While there are many CBD strains available for medical use, not all of them can effectively manage the various symptoms of gastroparesis. Therefore, it is important to consult your doctor for advice on the best CBD and gastroparesis strains. Make sure you choose a strain that is suitable for most symptoms.

There are many ways of ingesting cannabinoids into your body, but each delivery process provides its unique effects. Some of the most common CBD delivery methods include smoking, vaping, patches, tinctures, and edibles. We know smoking and vaping to offer the fastest effect, but they also release harmful toxins. So, choose a method that will deliver the most effective results, depending on your treatment needs.

The center also concluded that the improvement in stomach pain with the use of CBD represented a breakthrough for abdominal pain and discomfort associated with gastroparesis, for which very few confirmed therapies are known.

Aside from managing severe symptoms of gastroparesis, cannabinoids have also proved to be very effective in managing anxiety and depression. Since CBD works directly together with your body’s ECS receptors, it has a direct effect on your mood, appetite, and tolerance to pain, thus improving your quality of life.

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The treatment may depend on the cause of the problem.

Clinical Studies of CBD Effects on Gastroparesis

But, adding small amounts of good fat into your diet may also boost the absorption effects.

CBD oil has been showing a lot of benefits for different kinds of illnesses including gastrointestinal issues.

You may try to use CBD oil to supplement the treatment you’re going with as long as your doctor would say that it’s safe since it may interfere with other medications or treatments.