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hemp oil benefits for pain

Hemp oil has restorative and nutrition value, and it can be both used externally as well as ingested. Research is currently being conducted on pinpointing how exactly these compounds present in hemp oil help in bringing down inflammation and alleviating pain, particularly because hemp oil appears to work even when other medications do not.

Many people claim that they have cured their depression, anxiety, OCD, and many such diseases by using marijuana. However, it is not required to follow the same method to get the same results, especially if one wants to steer clear of the illegal route and say no to having an altered state of mind. There have been several studies over the past few years affirming that CBD, the biochemical substance present in hemp oil, is full of nutrition, vitamins, and minerals, and has proved beneficial in getting relief from stress and anxiety. Some researchers, in fact, say that hemp oil may be the most advantageous compound for human body as well as mind.

Ongoing investigations have demonstrated that cannabinoids have good anti-inflammatory properties. This implies that hemp oil will have an immediate and direct effect on any inflammation based health problems, for example, joint pain due to arthritis, rheumatoid joint inflammation, osteoarthritis and some more.

Consuming hemp seeds along with the application of hemp oil can help the arthritis patients get relief faster, as the nutritional value increases. To elaborate, you get nutrition by consuming the hemp seeds and get relief from pain through external application of the hemp oil.

Hemp Oil is helpful in treating Arthritis Pain

Hemp oil is characterized with a low percentage of THC. THC is the biochemical substance that cause the mind-altering "high" state that everyone keeps talking about. Hemp oil has extremely low measures of THC (

NEW DELHI , Jan. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Hemp oil is extracted from the plant called "Cannabis Sativa". Despite the fact that it is a similar plant from which marijuana (hemp’s infamous cousin), people have finally started realizing its benefits. The difference between the two is especially crucial for those who want to keep any mind-altering substances at bay; on that note, it is important to note that hemp is the non-mind-altering version of the cannabis plant.

Bottom line is, if you want some of the inflammatory management benefits of Cannabis sativa oil, but are against consuming CBD, using hemp-based cosmetic products or hemp oil for pain is a fantastic choice. It is natural, available and legal everywhere, and it literally has only benefits, with zero side effects.

As the research indicates, pain and inflammation can be effectively treated with both hemp oil and CBD oil. More than that – chronic inflammation in its many forms appears to be root cause of most chronic health issues plaguing the modern world today. This goes both for somatic and neurological conditions.

How Can You Use Hemp Oil for Pain?

Specifically to this topic, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, one of the key endogenous systems regulating pain sensation, which has modulatory actions at all stages of pain processing. The interaction of CBD with this system creates analgesic (pain relief) and anti-inflammatory effects.

In fact, due to its high nutritious value and ability to moisturize without clogging pores, hemp oil has been used for decades as a dietary supplement and for making cosmetic products. Hemp oil has also been shown to be very beneficial for the cardiovascular system, the brain, and the skin, among other organs.

CBD oil is basically hyper-charged hemp seed oil. The second most present cannabinoid in cannabis plants, cannabidiol (CBD), has a plethora of health benefits, some of which have been widely scientifically validated, while others are undergoing research as we speak.

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While the cannabis plant has high THC levels (up to 28%), the hemp plant’s THC concentration does not exceed 0.3%. Thus, products derived from the hemp plant are unlikely to create a “high” and are mainly used for medicinal purposes.

A dermatology study found that oral consumption of hemp seed oil improves symptoms of atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema. Researchers attribute these results to the fatty acids found in hemp seed oil.

Amounts and Dosage

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Experts agree that this 3:1 fatty acid ratio is ideal for health benefits in humans.

Promotes Heart Health

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