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First harvest of hemp for CBD. 1000 hemp plants on 1 acre, high CBD hemp strains. I show you how we started harvesting industrial hemp for CBD.

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HempFlax Double-Cut Technology

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The commercial hemp industry is growing and developing rapidly. This is an educational video on industrial hemp for fiber production/textiles and.

In this episode we will be featuring the new Resinator Co2 trimming machine at Rochester Farms an i-502 legal grow operation in WA state. Roy.

A nice example of this is the use of hempfibres in the door panels of the Bugatti Veyron. The fibres are not being used to make a 1,000hp car look more sustainable; rather, using hemp achieves a weight reduction of 30% compared with glass or carbon fibre.

Mark Reinders: HempFlax has a full ‘seed to stamp’ approach, by way of a vertically integrated supply chain. In the Netherlands and Germany, this takes the form of our contracting local farmers to grow hemp, whereas in Romania we run our own 800ha farming operation. In both cases, we conduct the harvest ourselves, with harvesting equipment designed and operated by HempFlax.

Although sustainability is embedded in the DNA of the company, it is not its most important unique selling point. HempFlax strives to bring products to market that can outperform other non-sustainable products; their inherent sustainability will be an additional, positive bonus.

To what extent does HempFlax prize sustainability?

In the fourth quarter of 2017, the company will be audited for the ICCI science GMP cultivation and manufacturing certificate. This guarantees that our feedstock is produced in a sustainable way without resorting to the use of either pesticides or deforestation. HempFlax will be the first company to receive this highly appreciated certification for hemp feedstock.

The vision is that the quality of the final product starts in the field, not in the factory. This approach also enables us to guarantee full traceability, which is very important, especially for nutraceutical products.

Consumers are discovering more about the health benefits of these products. A few years ago, you could only buy hemp health products in specialised shops or online, but now they can be found in most major retail chains in the Netherlands.

HempFlax serves many different sectors as a consequence of its multiple uses of the hemp plant. The strongest growth in recent years has been in hemp food, and supplements based on cannabidiol (CBD).

“Direct government funding is also needed to incentivize the development of carbon-negative hemp supply chains across the region,” Reinders added.

Legacy European hemp group HempFlax saw revenues rise 43% in 2020 to €14.5 million, driven in part by a 42% increase in sales of CBD, and a 1,089% increase in construction materials sales, the company announced this week. EBITDA rose 63% to €1.8 million, with before tax profits rising 616% to €659,000 from €92,000 in 2019, HempFlax reported.

“That uncertainty threatens to stifle innovation and competitiveness,” Reinders said, calling on UK and EU lawmakers to lift maximum THC levels to 0.3% “on the field. ”Doing so would facilitate the breeding of more varieties and align the European regulatory framework with other countries, notably the U.S., Reinders said.

Government support needed

The European Parliament voted last October to increase the authorized THC level for industrial hemp plants from 0.2% to 0.3%, but the change is not expected to come into effect EU-wide until 2023.

CBD sales growth of 42% was driven primarily by white label goods supplied to the Jacob Hooy brand, which is sold through the Holland & Barrett chain of health food stores in the UK, HempFlax reported. The company said demand for CBD held strong as consumers prioritized personal wellness throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company turns out high-quality fibers for sustainable car parts for automakers Bugatti and Porsche, and is the only company in the world whose hemp fibers are certified under International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) standards, which cover the entire supply chain of biobased feedstocks and renewables. The standards advance natural fibers as a sustainable alternative to to synthetic, mineral and wood fibers.

Fiber sales were further bolstered by demand for HempFlax’s highly refined hemp fibers which are used as an alternative to glass fiber in automotive parts production. That business grew by 12% last year as rising shipping costs increased demand for locally sourced fiber, HempFlax said.