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Yet these are just the mild signs. If left to deteriorate, a weakened immune system can leave dogs vulnerable to more severe symptoms, like blood sugar issues and infections.

As our furry friends grow old, their immune systems can also start to slow down. This can mean more allergies, nervousness, and less alert and present than they used to be.

The good news is that with Honest Paws Wellness Organic Full-Spectrum Hemp you can help your dog support a healthy immune system. It can also help give your pet calmer moods and a healthier brain to match.

Made specifically for dogs, this full spectrum hemp oil is extracted from hemp grown using organic practices right here in the USA. This all-natural product combines only two ingredients to help support canine health – full spectrum hemp extract and MCT coconut oil.

Our proprietary formula features a blend of naturally occurring compounds and terpenes found in full-spectrum hemp oil. Full-spectrum hemp oil has many benefits, including helping your dog stay calm and relaxed, supporting a strong immune system, promoting healthy hips and joints, healthy inflammatory response, helping maintain healthy skin and relief from occasional discomfort.

All Honest Paws products use a premium-quality hemp extract, complete with all the third-party testing we’ve come to expect. The company also uses organic ingredients whenever possible for all its products.

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Honest Paws is committed to helping pets and their owners create more memories and live longer, healthier, and happier lives together. Through high-quality CBD products, Honest Paws aims to help your pets enjoy long walks, and feel great well into old age.

Honest Paws uses only full-spectrum CBD oils for all of its products. This is hugely refreshing because many pet products are made with cheaper CBD isolates.

Overall this is one of the best brands we’ve come across when it comes to giving CBD to your pet.