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how many ml in a gram of cbd oil

Sneaking CBD in among your other snacks or meals ensures that you’ll thoroughly digest the cannabinoid, maximizing its bioavailability. Tincture is particularly good for mixing with food, as it’s flavorless, but also comes in various flavor options to sweeten or improve the taste of your favorite smoothies, snacks, or meals.

Unfortunately, the study’s dosage findings are rather wide, ranging from 7 to 30mg/kg. At this ratio, an 80kg (180 lbs) adult would need 560 to 2,400mg of CBD per day. We dedicated an article where you can find out more about CBD for depression.

With the exception of some large breeds, most dogs weigh less than the average human, so the dosing of CBD oil for dogs, based on weight will be much lower. Guidelines vary, but some sources recommend incremental dosing every two pounds. This scales to 0.1, 0.25, or 0.5mg for mild, moderate, and severe symptoms respectively.


You need to fall into a peak dose range for maximum effect – or any effect. If you don’t start at the lowest dose and incrementally work your way up, it’s likely you’ll overshoot the “sweet spot” and be disappointed with the results.

Never take CBD oil or tincture on an empty stomach. Some conclude that CBD will hit faster if there’s nothing else to digest (similar to alcohol). However, the opposite is true.

Sublingual tinctures are an exception. Unlike oil, tinctures are alcohol-based, faster-acting and more bioavailable, at up to 35% .

Taking cannabidiol through your digestive system, like edibles, CBD pills, and CBD water, offers the lowest bioavailability, at 10%-15% .

So, let’s assume you’re using Canniatric Full Spectrum CBD Oil – 1500 MG which is a 30ml bottle and contains 1500mg of CBD.

Here’s a breakdown of the approximate strengths of one of the products we offer:

1500 mg • 30 ml (50mg CBD per mL)

Calculating how many mg in a ml of liquid

Most CBD oil users will consume CBD oil by using it under the tongue or smoking the CBD. The only differences are that potency in tincture sizes and flowers are different across brands and plants. One of the most frequently asked questions by patients is “How many mg in a ml serving of CBD Oil?” Each bottle or product will have its own directions and mg serving and it’s important to understand how that mg serving translates to a dropper that measures in millilitres.

First, we find out how many mg in a ml by dividing 1500mg of CBD by 30ml

1ml = 20 drops (A full dropper)

Each product is different, but it all relies on the how many millilitres (ml) is the bottle and how many total milligrams (mg) of CBD is in the bottle. Once you have this key information then you can calculate how many drops in a ml by considering the following: