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Germinating or sprouting cannabis seeds can be as easy as using a saucer and cotton wool to peat pellets. Germination is how to get your seeds to sprout. Germinating cannabis seeds? Before you can start growing cannabis, you must first germinate the seeds. Read the best ways to germinate cannabis seeds. For newbies and beginners, growing your own marijuana can be a little tricky. The first thing you need to do, obviously, is germinate the seeds.

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds The Smart Way And a Bonus Hack!

When it comes to growing cannabis, it all starts with the seed. Sprouting or germinating cannabis seeds is quite simple. Middle School Biology should have taught you how to germinate seeds using cotton, however with cannabis seeds, cotton isn’t always the best.

There is a small hack that I have implemented to help sprout my seeds. I’ll tell you about that in a bit. But first…

Germinating or sprouting seeds can be as easy as using a saucer and cotton wool to peat pellets. Germination is how to get your seeds to sprout. You know you’re your seeds sprouted the moment you see a little white tendril pops out of the seed.

To germinate cannabis seeds, you need only water, air, and heat. There are many ways how to Germinate Cannabis Seeds. For the best germination rates you need the following:

Moisture – keep things wet but not overly soaked.

Heat – keep things warm but not too hot. Cooler temperatures can also provoke germination, but it would take much longer.

Tranquility – Don´t fiddle too much with the seeds. They want to be left alone

Gentleness – When you check the seeds, be very gentle. Don´t touch the root if possible. The root is very fragile and breaks easily off.

Plant root down – when the seeds are germinated, plant them root facing down.

Plant knuckle down – germinated seeds don´t have to be planted that deep. Plant them about 1.5 to 2.5 cm under the surface.

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds step-by-step

What you need:

Step 1 – Take 4 sheets of paper towels and soak them with water. The sheets should be wet but no excess water should come from it. You could always use a spray bottle to wet the paper towels. I personally prefer paper towels over cotton because the tendrils don’t get caught up in the paper towel.

Step 2 – take two paper towels and place them on the plate. Put the seeds on the plate placed at least 2.5 cm apart. Cover them with the remaining paper towels.

Step 3 – Now take your wet paper towels with the seeds in it and gently place it in a zip lock bag. You’ll want to keep the towels as flat as possible. Don’t mush it into the zip lock, keep it straight.

Step 4 – Keep the seeds in a warm area like in a closet or something like that. The Zip Lock bag will produce a greenhouse effect and trap in the moisture and heat to help speed up the germination process.

After the steps are done, it is time to wait. Keep an eye on the paper towels to see that it is constantly moist. Fortunately, the Zip Lock bags will do this for you. There is no specific time for germination. Some seeds germinate fast and others take more time. However, you can expect them to sprout between 3-5 days.

Once the seed splits and a single white sprout appears, your seed has successfully sprouted. The little white sprout is called the taproot. It is important to keep the taproot sterile. Avoid too much touching.

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Below I’m going to be talking about using peat pellets to sprout which makes transplanting your seedlings to bigger containers easier. However, not everybody will have peat pellets for sprouting.

So here’s what you do. You take the inside of a used toilet paper roll; you know…the cardboard tube. Cut that in half and fill it with your grow medium. I’m assuming that you’ll be using soil for this mixture.

Once the seed has sprouted, simply place the seed in the roll and wait for it to grow. This is a starter pellet. Once the plant reaches about 5 cm, you can take the cardboard roll and simply place it inside your grow pot. The cardboard will eventually biodegrade and the roots will easily be able to grow through it.

Germinating Seeds using Peat Pellets

Peat pellets can be bought at any gardening store. They come dried and compressed out of the box.

Step 1 – Soak the pellets in water. Keep them in the water for 10 minutes. They will swell up nicely

Step 2- With a pin poke a hole in the pellet and plant the seed in it. Cover it up. Remember to use 1 seed per pellet only.

Step 3 – Keep the peat pellets in a warm place. Keep the peat pellets moist all the time. It should never dry out.

After 3 to 8 days the plant will break out. Once the plant breaks out, it can be moved to a pot. After they are planted, they should be moved to lights. They need a lot of light.

When you reach this face, you can tap yourself on the shoulder. You have successfully germinated your seeds!

Germinating cannabis seeds

Germinating cannabis seeds? What is the best way to do this?

Before you can start growing cannabis, you must first germinate the seeds.
In general, there are three ways to germinate cannabis seeds:

  • Germinating cannabis seeds in a cup of water
  • Germinating your cannabis seeds on a damp surface
  • Germinating cannabis seeds in soil

It is good to know that a cannabis seed does not need light to germinate, but only a damp environment. Light is only important for the cannabis seed when leaves appear, because they absorb the light. Until then, it does not matter whether it is light or dark.

Germinating cannabis seeds in a cup of water

Make sure the ambient temperature is at least 20 degrees, otherwise the seeds will not germinate, or not optimally. Fill the cup with water and place the cannabis seeds in it.
After 1 to 3 days the cannabis seeds should pop open and show their roots.
If this is the case, you can put these germinated seeds directly into the ground. Put them about 1 – 7 millimetres into the ground with the roots facing downwards. The stalk that comes out of the cannabis seed after germination is not the plant, but the root! It is best to point this small stem downwards when planting the germinated seed. In this way the plant will find its way down more easily. This is not a must, but it is a tip.

Germinating cannabis seeds on a moist surface

Place the cannabis seed on a surface that retains moisture. This can be done on cotton wool or toilet paper on a saucer. Make the surface moist, but make sure it does not get too wet.

Germinating cannabis seeds in a kitchen roll

The moisture in the cotton wool or toilet paper evaporates fairly quickly at room temperature. It is important that the seeds remain moist during the time they have to germinate.
The moisture absorbed by the seeds activates them and makes them germinate.
You can cover the weed seed with a piece of moist toilet paper and put an inverted saucer on top.

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Germinating cannabis seeds in soil

Every plant knows that it has to grow upwards. It is therefore also possible to put the cannabis seed directly into the soil. The chance of a cannabis seed germinating in this way is somewhat smaller than with the other methods.

Germinating and planting cannabis seeds

After the seed has grown a root, it is ready to be put in the ground.
Cover the pot with a piece of clear plastic, this way you actually create a small greenhouse with a high humidity level, which young baby plants love very much.

Germinating cannabis seeds

How quickly and how easily the cannabis seeds germinate depends on the type of cannabis seed. Germinating cannabis seeds is a process that needs attention. We recommend the following steps for successful germination: First soak the seeds in water for 24 hours. Make sure the ambient temperature is at least 20 degrees, otherwise the seeds will not or not optimally germinate. Fill the cup with water and place the cannabis seeds in it.
After 1 to 3 days the cannabis seeds should pop open and show their roots.

Tips To Successfully Germinate Cannabis Seeds

Growing marijuana is a breeze with our germinating tips and tricks!

For newbies and beginners, growing your own marijuana can be a little tricky. The first thing you need to do, obviously, is germinate the seeds. You don’t want to waste seeds since these can be expensive and ordering them can be a bitch, so the less error you make in the beginning, the more you can maximize your marijuana investment.

You’ll know when your seeds have germinated once you see small white tendrils pop out – these are the marijuana plant’s very first root known as the taproot. But just because your seed has sprouted doesn’t mean that the plant will already grow fully. When your seed has sprouted it still requires your careful love and affection because all the other roots of the plant will come fromthis very taproot.

The taproot will continue to grow longer and eventually push the seed up and causing the shell to break apart. Soon, the first leaves will emerge from the seed. The next set of leaves that will grow are the real marijuana leaves, and will have a serrated edge.

Basic Germination Instructions

What you’ll need:

Clean glass

Drinking water

Cannabis seeds

Flat plate

Tissue paper

1. Fill the glass with water and drop the seeds in.

2. Soak it in a cool dark place with a temperature between 67 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. After 10 minutes check the seeds; use your hands to gently tap down the ones that are floating but if they continue to float just leave them alone.

4. After 10 to 12 hours, transfer the seeds onto a clean, dry plate. Sandwich them between two layers of damp toilet paper or cotton. Leave the germination plate in a dark place, such as a closed drawer so no air can come in.

5. Keep the toilet paper or cotton moist by dipping it in drinking water every 6 to 12 hours. Avoid soaking them – it’s just important to keep them damp.

6. After around 48 to 72 hours, the shells will swell and split up. They can take up to a week to germinate so just be patient. Once the taproot appears, you are ready to plant the marijuana seeds.


Moisture is critical to stimulate the necessary hormonal changes in the seed that result in germination. Make sure to only use high quality soil when planting your seeds and ensure that the soil is already pH balanced.

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Drinking water is best for watering marijuana seeds. Public sources of water, such as tap and well, might contain chlorine and dissolved solids that can prevent germination.

When watering your seeds, it’s ideal to keep water temperature at 70 degrees fahrenheit. Water below 65 degrees and above 78 degrees can make it difficult for the roots to absorb nutrients, hampering any possibilities of early growth. Use a reservoir thermometer to test the temperature of your water every day, whether your reservoir is indoors or outdoors. If the water is too cool simply use a thermostat. On the other hand if you have a hard time keeping it cool enough, remove the water from the grow light, put it under some shade, or remove it from the room entirely.

Keep watering the seeds regularly; the more water penetrates the shell the more it can activate dormant hormones that will stimulate taproot growth.


Oxygen is critical to the germination of cannabis seeds. Even after germination, the roots that grow out of the seeds will still need oxygen while marijuana leaves require carbon dioxide.

Keep in mind that marijuana is a plant native to desert-like, arid climates. If you are trying to grow your plant in an environment that is too moist, it will drown and won’t get enough oxygen.

Don’t cover the growing medium in plastic wrap since this will restrict the flow of air and trap moisture.

The air circulating your growing medium should be less than 50% humidity; anything above this and you will risk the growth of fungus that can kill your plant even while it’s only in the sprouting or germinating phase.


Seeds are adaptable enough to germinate in a variety of temperatures. However the ideal temperature for marijuana seed growth is between 75 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

If temperatures are too cool this results in slower germination time and encourage fungus growth which can rot both root and seed. Temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit are also not conducive to seed germination.

Incandescent bulbs can be used over the germination area to help keep the medium nice and warm. Another option is to use a heating pad located underneath the seed.


Use soil that contains high levels of NPK (nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium)

Fertilize seeds in soil during their first week

Allow seeds or seedlings to water out

Deprive them of light

Hold seeds using your bare hands since it can transmit oil from your skin that prevents it from absorbing water

Spray pesticides nor water on seedlings

Use peat pellets as this can lead to pH problems

Other useful tips:

Weed out weak seeds that have less chances of germinating. These seeds are usually soft and too tiny. Weak seeds are also those that have cracks, or are green, white, or yellow in color. Viable seeds to plant are those that resemble an oblong in shape – similar to that of a raindrop with a dark brown color.

Leave your seeds in peace as you wait for the taproot to show.

When checking up on your seeds, use gloves and a light touch. Be as gentle as possible especially if you have to move them.

Plant germinated seeds by pointing the tap root facing downwards so it’s easier for the seedling to adjust into the growing medium.

What are your tips and tricks to germinating cannabis seeds? Share with us in the comments below.

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