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innovative cbd oil

Easy to take sublingually with our calibrated dropper to more precisely control application. And like all of our CBD products, it is made using our state of the art processing for purity + potency + quality + consistency – that we GUARANTEE or your money back!

Our product’s THC is nominal meaning you won’t get high.

Our most popular CBD product, our Organic Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oils are available in 1oz & 2oz bottles.

Ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil*, 100mg of CO2 Extracted CBD Hemp Oil*, Flavors*. (*Organic)

Squawk! Polly want a tincture! Over 20 million American households have adopted a bird as a member of their family. With the steady rise of CBD pet treats for dogs, CBD oil for cats and CBD pellets for horses, formulating CBD products for birds is a no-brainer!

Whether it’s having it or smelling it, nobody is a fan of stinky breath. That’s why the top five leading brands in the breath freshener industry rake in over $817 million in sales annually. It’s only a matter of time before these top brands start releasing CBD products.

Essential Oils in CBD Breath Mints

CBD breath mints would work similarly to CBD tinctures, plus have the added advantage of freshening your breath! This is one innovative CBD product that already exists, so you can try CBD breath mints for yourself.

CBD restaurants could definitely be a thing of the future. CBD edibles are already a popular item among hemp users. This idea is just taking it to the next level. After all, who wouldn’t want a five-star meal that also helps support a healthy lifestyle?

Nanoemulsion is ideal for maximum absorption. The smaller the particles are, the more easily the body can absorb them. The same can be said for probiotics. Probiotic supplements can have trouble colonizing the colon. These blends require smaller particles for a better chance of survival in the stomach.