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is cbd oil legal in kentucky

Simply put, it’s impossible to legally possess marijuana as well as marijuana-derived CBD oil in Kentucky. Unfortunately, Kentucky remains one of few states with no tolerance for marijuana. On the other hand, progress toward marijuana legalization is coming, and many people believe the plant will be completely allowed within the next few years.

Buying CBD oil boils down to finding a trusted retailer. Once you determine why you need Cannabidiol and find the right company, purchasing a bottle of hemp-derived CBD oil is a piece of cake.

If you are interested in learning more, read our guide on buying CBD near you.

CBD Oil Shops in Louisville

If you’re wondering where to buy CBD oil in Kentucky, you’re in the right place. We’ve prepared a complete guide on the state’s laws related to cannabis, as well as a list of places where you can find CBD products.

Compared to other U.S. states, marijuana laws in Kentucky are very strict, even for medical marijuana patients. Although many states have progressed to loosen their restraints on medical and recreational cannabis, possession and sales of marijuana in Kentucky is still considered a crime. However, as cannabidiol can be derived either from hemp or marijuana variety of the cannabis plant, its legality depends on the source of CBD.

We have compiled a list of the best pure CBD oils available for purchase legally in Kentucky below to save you time.

As cannabis and CBD products are gaining in popularity all over the states, Kentucky is no exception. Cannabidiol is rapidly growing to be one of the most popular health and wellness substances, which is why more and more shops are popping up in the state, including dispensaries, vape shops, and health centers. Aside from a wide range of potential benefits, CBD is safe for both children and adults, as it comes with no psychoactive effects.

One positive from the consumer’s perspective is that Kentucky has strict laws surrounding the growth of hemp. The Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) oversees the hemp program. Those who apply for a license must not have any felony convictions going back ten years. They must also have no drug-related misdemeanors across the same period.

However, you shouldn’t purchase any CBD product unless there is a third-party lab report with it. Otherwise, you have no way of knowing if the product contains less than 0.3% THC. There is also a possibility of it containing heavy metals or other chemicals. Your best bet is to try an online store. Reputable CBD brands have test results on their website, and they can deliver their products to your doorstep.

Kentucky was the biggest producer of hemp in the United States throughout the 1800s and 1900s. It has the ideal climate for cultivating the crop. Hemp that comes from Kentucky is widely regarded as the best in the country.

Industrial Hemp in Kentucky

There is a huge array of vendors that sell CBD oil in Kentucky. There are CBD-specific stores, not to mention large chains such as Walgreens and Whole Foods offering it. Take a trip throughout the state, and you will surely find dozens of gas stations selling the cannabinoid.

Therefore, CBD oil is completely legal in Kentucky as long as it comes from hemp. It must also contain no more than 0.3% THC by dry weight. There are no limits on the amount of hemp-derived CBD you can buy in Kentucky. Furthermore, the state doesn’t have any laws regarding CBD in food or beverages.

As long as federal legalization remains elusive, we will continue to have the same issues in deciphering state laws regarding CBD. At present, we have an unusual situation where marijuana legality is more clear-cut! Over two-thirds of states now have a medical marijuana program. Approximately one-third of states allow or are set to allow adult-use cannabis.

In February 2020, House Bill 136 passed with a large majority. It was the first time that a medical marijuana bill has ever made it this far in Kentucky. Yet, it took over a year for any further action to take place. In April 2021, two bills to legalize medical cannabis were introduced to the Senate and House. However, neither one was assigned to a committee. As a consequence, there were no hearings or public testimony.

Some of Murphy’s patients also reported more restful sleep and less anxiety following use. However, Murphy said a small number of his patients stopped taking it after experiencing dizziness. Some didn’t experience any relief from their severe pain of migraines.

If a drug screening only tests “positive or negative” for THC and not the amount, there’s a chance your CBD oil intake could cause you to fail the drug test.

Without a license issued by the department, growers could face the same penalties as those who violate policies related to marijuana.

How will CBD oil affect my heart? Will it affect my medications?

Murphy warned that CBD treatment may not be for everyone, including those with heart conditions or those who take blood thinners.

The Agriculture Act of 2014 stated hemp may contain 0.3% of THC. Marijuana, however, contains 42 times more THC than hemp.

The use of CBD oil, which has been touted as a cure-all product for ailments ranging from arthritis to anxiety, is a growing trend across the nation, especially in Kentucky. And while some call it a medical miracle, others question whether it’s legal in the state because of its association with marijuana.

Now, Kroger announced it will begin selling CBD oil in its stores in 17 states — yes, Kentucky and Indiana are two of them.