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is hemp oil good for stress

CBD oil can be a fantastic way to help calm anxiety, stress, and depression . However, it seems the biggest issue here is finding the best brand. Over the years, CBD oil has skyrocketed in popularity, and because of that, a wealth of new brands have flooded the market. Sadly, not all brands are created equal. Many of today’s brands are not the best quality, and therefore, will not be effective against anxiety, depression, and stress.

For many Americans, anxiety, depression, and stress can derail a normal, healthy lifestyle. Thanks to countless research studies, scientists are finding that CBD oil can be an added benefit in boosting mental health.

How We Created Our CBD Oil for Anxiety List

Most of the verified customer reviews on NuLeaf Naturals ’ website are glowingly positive. The most common statement made by customers in those reviews is that even though the products come with a somewhat steep price tag, the overall quality of the products is worth the price.

Green Roads uses superior methods to obtain all of its hemp extracts. Moreover, the brand has an extremely friendly and helpful customer service department. The brand uses high standards and clean sourcing for all of its products.

While prescription medications for anxiety, depression, and stress can take weeks before the full effects can be felt, the calming effects of CBD can be felt almost immediately. If you have any questions or concerns about starting a CBD regimen, never hesitate to talk with your primary care physician or specialist.

In this article, we’re covering hemp oil for stress relief and how cannabinoids assist the body with bringing more calm and balance, but consider the aforementioned strategies for managing your state and bringing your cortisol levels down.

This is more simple to interpret. What they’re saying is that trauma and/or high stress situations lead to the onset of mental conditions that can be incredibly difficult to overcome once they’ve set in.

Hemp Oil for Stress

Endocannabinoids are essential players in helping us to balance our emotions. They are also key in allowing the hippocampus to remain flexible to stressful stimuli.

“The endocannabinoid system has emerged as a central integrator linking the perception of external and internal stimuli to distinct neurophysiological and behavioural outcomes (such as fear reaction, anxiety and stress-coping), thus allowing an organism to adapt to its changing environment.”

There are several ways to lower cortisol levels in the body naturally such as lowering stress, eating a nutrient rich plant-based diet, getting adequate sleep, meditating, learning to unwind, laugh and play with friends, regular exercise, avoid caffeine at night, investing in quality friendships, getting a pet and taking supplements, like hemp oil.

In one study, CBD decreased defensive behaviors evoked by predator exposure in mice. So, if you’re walking down dark alleys at night or hiking through Glacier National Park where predator threats have real potential, it may be wise to lay off the hemp oil.

A great natural alternative to Xanax smoothies, full spectrum hemp oil is a research-backed herbal cure that has been shown to help calm the jitters, improve mood, and lead to homeostasis in our bodies.

Together they affect key brain pathways related to stress, defensive responses, memories, and hormonal balance, CBD products may be able to mitigate the negative effects of stress and chronic anxiety.


Whether or not CBD is right for you and how much of it you need to consume to feel its positive effects without feeling sleepy and lethargic largely depends on your unique biological composition. Everyone is different and only by experimenting can you really know if hemp oil will help alleviate your symptoms.

Since, my day to day experience of anxiety isn’t chronic, but rather set off randomly by mundane thoughts like remembering that I need to pack the house I sold to move to Montana, I take a dose of CBD whenever invasive thoughts begin to raise my heart rate and discomfort. Whether its placebo or the real thing I cannot say. However, I find relief soon after consuming 30-50 mg of Ned’s full-spectrum hemp oil.

In this article we discuss hemp oil, its therapeutic constituents, and the scientific research that helps explain how it affects anxiety.

Just because feelings seem like a natural response to outside stimuli, however, does not mean that experiencing them is conducive to our health. In fact, the chronic experience of anxiety, even when it’s generally mild, can be devastating to our minds and bodies.