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jolly green oil cbd review

Jolly Green Oil certainly evokes a fun, happy nature with their CBD edibles. Everything from chocolate covered pretzels to CBD popcorn and lollipops will bring out the kid in anyone. But looks can be deceiving, as rampant artificial flavors and colors lurk in these tasty treats. We’re willing to grant Jolly Green Oil the Safety Badge due to their current disclosure of independent laboratory results. But this exclusively CBD isolate company has a bit further to go to really drive home transparency. Letting us know where and how their CBD hemp is sourced and their extraction method is a great place to start.

Echoing that sentiment, because Jolly Green Oil does not provide any information on their source material or extraction method, we won’t be able to award the Quality Badge in this case.

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Jolly Green Oil also sells CBD vape e-liquids in four flavors (all with artificial ingredients) and tinctures suspended in non-GMO-verified MCT oil for both humans and pets. They sell a third-party brand called Hempmetics on their website as well.

Jolly Green Oil handcrafts their CBD oil products in small batches which they winterize. The winterization process involves soaking CBD extract in alcohol, then freezing it to separate the cannabidiol from other remaining plant products like chlorophyll, wax, etc. Winterization is thought to produce a more potent CBD oil with lower traces of terpenes. Because of the alcohol used, it’s imperative that any company winterizing their CBD oil provides comprehensive testing for residual solvents.

And Jolly Green Oil does a good job on the testing front. They have up-to-date, third-party test results for purity and contaminants including heavy metals available for most of their SKUs. We feel confident that their CBD products are safe, free of pesticides and solvents.

I love the fact they have both products for energy and sleep. Very good product line.

If you want a cbd product that actually works as it says. I Highly recommend trying products from Jolly Green Oils. Great Quality & Fast Acting Products. I Love the large variety of flavors. I highly recommend this company! Keep up the great work you guys!

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Terrible product , I truly believe the falsely advertise the strength of their products.

This is the real Chris Looney Sr. That other review was posted by a disgruntled employee! I would never do that to my son. I left my sons company because I retired and he is doing a fantastic Job running the company! And I use his products daily!

They are very helpful in a timely manner! Very friendly and helpful! Wide variety of products, something for everyone!!

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