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lab blends cbd oil

The new Lab Blends product line includes CBD Massage Cream and CBD Massage Balm for use in professional treatment clinics and CBD Pain Relief Maximum Strength Cream for use at home. The products combine highly concentrated levels of CBD with the powerful pain relievers of Menthol and Lidocaine.

SAN DIEGO–( BUSINESS WIRE )–BIOTONE announces Lab Blends, a new line of topical pain management products for professional and home care featuring Cannabidiol (CBD) extract with powerful analgesics for complete pain management. Ground-breaking CBD has demonstrated its effectiveness in helping to reduce pain and inflammation and decrease pain signaling to the brain.

CBD, a cannabis compound, makes up a growing part of state-of-the-art clinical care. It is absorbed through the skin where it binds to the body’s own CB2 receptors. Once it connects with these receptors, CBD has a pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effect on the body. It is not mind-altering or habit-forming.

In addition to CDB, the Lab Blends products are enriched with Hempseed Oil and Arnica Extract. Pure Hempseed Oil is rich in essential fatty acids and over a dozen vitamins and minerals. Its anti-inflammatory properties dramatically decrease skin dryness to alleviate itching and reduce irritation. Arnica Extract when applied to the skin helps reduce pain and swelling associated with bruises, aches and sprains. It is known to soothe sore muscles when combined with massage.

Jean Shea, BIOTONE president, said about Lab Blends, “Our new offering represents our ongoing efforts to provide healthcare professionals and those they treat with the latest breakthroughs in managing joint pain and inflammation. CBD is among the state-of-the-art ingredients being embraced by the wellness and medical community because of its highly effective pain relieving properties.”

The Lab+Blends professional products add to BIOTONE’s growing portfolio of CBD professional products, providing therapists with a choice of lubricants across multiple modalities. Other Lab+Blends professional products include Lab+Blends CBD Massage Cream, Massage Balm, CBD Pain Relief Maximum Strength Cream, and CBD Oral Tincture.

SAN DIEGO–( BUSINESS WIRE )–BIOTONE has introduced Lab+Blends CBD Massage Oil Increased Relief & Recovery to its line of Lab+Blends pain management products for professional use. Massage therapists now have a new full-body massage treatment option featuring ground-breaking pure Cannabidiol (CBD) extract derived from industrial hemp to help promote joint wellness and fast relief to strains, sprains, and sports.

Combined with omega rich Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil (Hempseed), the new Lab+Blends Massage Oil penetrates deep through skin layers to help deliver relief and recovery directly at the site of the discomfort to support reduced inflammation and pain signaling. Other key product ingredients include pure Hempseed Oil, Comfrey and Arnica extracts, which help relieve bruising and arthritis. The addition of water dispersants helps assure an easy to remove massage oil.

“There is growing enthusiasm over CBD among professionals and consumers because of its demonstrated effectiveness in helping to reduce pain and inflammation and decrease pain signaling to the brain without any mind-alerting or habit-forming affects,” said Jean Shea, BIOTONE president. “With the legalization of industrial hemp under the 2018 Farm Bill, we expect to see more products containing CBD enter the market. We are very proud that BIOTONE Lab+Blends offerings are helping to lead the emerging market for CBD products, which now are considered part of advanced clinical care among massage therapists, chiropractors and other medical professionals.”

Pricing and Availability

Lab+Blends Professional CBD Massage Balm combines 660 mg of Hemp-Derived CBD with active ingredients and powerful pain fighters for advanced pain management. CBD, known for the support it provides in reducing pain and inflammation and decreasing pain signaling to the brain, makes up a growing part of state-of-the-art clinical care. Enriched with Hempseed Oil and Arnica Extract, this thick, rich balm gives the therapist superior glide requiring minimal reapplication. THC free, non-psychoactive.