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liberty cbd oil

Cherry Pie- A hybrid of Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple, this earthy berry blend is sweet and sour. Within minutes, it gives feelings of happiness, creativity and is uplifting. Girl Scout Cookies- Experience euphoria and overall body relaxation with this sweet and earthy hybrid. Gorilla Glue No. 4- Pungent and potent, this indica-dominant hybrid provides feelings of euphoria and relaxation. So potent, you might even feel “glued” to your couch! Works as an appetite stimulator. OG Kush- This unique terpene profile comes with notes of fuel, skunk, and spice. A uniquely social strain, OG Kush lends itself to mental stimulation and overall mood improvement. Watermelon OG-This heavy hitting indica will help those with insomnia get to sleep fast. Calming and relaxing with a distinct watermelon fruity-flavor. Wedding Cake- Sometimes going by the name of “Pink Cookies,” Wedding Cake is a cross of Girl Scout Cookie and Cherry Pie. A delectably rich treat with tangy sweet notes of vanilla. Heady, calming and euphoric blissfulness.

Liberty CBD’s full-spectrum vape carts are made with pure, organic CBD and organically derived terpenes. No fillers such as VG/PG/PEG or MCT have been added. Our organic terpene profiles enhance and bring out the full potential of our CBD. At an extra strength 750mg of CBD per full 1 gram cart, you won’t find a stronger CBD vape cart on the market.


Super Sour Diesel- This invigorating sativa-dominant strain is pungent & fast acting. Delivers energizing & dreamy effects. Helps mood elevation, and stress & pain fade away in no time. Jack Herer- Jack Herer yields blissful, clearheaded creativeness. The perfect sativa strain to keep you occupied on a busy day. Super Lemon Haze- Energetic and social, this mood-elevating, sativa-dominant hybrid is the perfect daytime strain good for eliminating stress, fatigue, and stress. Sweet and tart lemony taste and aroma.

Gelato- This hybrid gets its name from its fruity, dessert-like flavor. Delight in mighty euphoria and physical relaxation while staying creatively productive. Pineapple Express- This fresh-tasting hybrid strain comes with notes of pineapple, pine, and cedar. Great for an energetic buzz and creative escapes. Sunset Sherbert- A hybrid strain, Sunset Sherbert has a powerful full-body effect for supreme relaxation and a clear mind. Wifi- This uplifting hybrid is ideal for social and creative activities. Sour and earthy, Wifi works well for stress, sadness, and pain.

The best CBD cart available, Liberty CBD’s carts have been carefully crafted for balance and richness. Terpene profiles that highlight specific cannabis strains and their unique properties allow users a customized experience.

American Liberty’s CBD Oil is a formula that is advertised as 300mg and a no THC solution for relief from pain, stress, and other health issues and concerns. Though CBD oils don’t require a prescription, consumers may not get all of the soothing advertised health benefits that they were expecting.

CBD oil is already on thin ice by naysayers of the formula, considering that there’s a significant lack of clinical studies to offer definitive benefits. With formulas that don’t offer the necessary proof of their own effectiveness (like lab tests or even proof that they’ve been purified), the whole industry suffers. The CBD oil from American Liberty may promise relief from pain and mental fatigue, but it doesn’t provide proof or any support for these claims.

What Does American Liberty’s CBD Oil Do?

One of the first key features to look for with any CBD oil product, is the product’s Certificate of Analysis, showing how much CBD, THC, and other compounds are present. However, American Liberty CBD oil doesn’t have an analysis available at all or any 3rd party certified lab tests that it has endured for purity, which is a sign that the company isn’t very transparent with their product, the only shared bit of information, is from a PubMed link from 2008 titled “Cannabinoids in the management of difficult to treat pain.” The PubMed was a randomized clinical trial 10 years before CBD was legalized, it seems that if a company had tested its CBD oil product, their own 3rd party conducted lab results would have been shared on the American Liberty CBD oil website.

For consumers that have questions before purchasing, can reach out to American Liberty CBD oil’s customer service team 24/7 for answers at, [email protected] Or by phone, Customer Service Phone: (866) 415-2787. 9am – 9pm EST Monday – Friday / Saturday 9am – 6pm EST / Closed on Sunday.

For consumers that are able to look past the lack of information on transparency, the American Liberty CBD oil offers a “free trial” to test out the product, but the term “free” is used loosely. First of all, after purchasing the free trial offer, the user is shipped a 30-day supply, the trial is only 14 days long, and the fine print, which is found in the websites Terms and Conditions, cleverly conceals the fact that anyone who doesn’t cancel their trial before the 14 th day will be charged the cost of the whole month-long supply, which is $89.97. Since a credit card is kept on file to cover the shipping charges, it is relatively easy for the company to charge it.

Recap of the Liberty Gummies to help you decide:

$ 13.50 – $ 38.00 — or subscribe and save up to 10%

The Hut’s #1 Selling CBD Gummy (plus, cheaper than anywhere else)!

When it Comes to Full Spectrum Edibles, Choose Liberty CBD

Liberty CBD Gummies / Fruit Chews (edibles for adults) are amazingly tasty and provide the full spectrum cannibinoid profile our smart customers prefer. Liberty CBD’s 50 pack gummy bag contains 500mg of pure, organic CBD. Each gummy contains 10mg of CBD derived from organic hemp. Made with pure organic cane sugar, Turmeric for inflammation, coconut oil for heart health and Spirulina to give your immune system a boost. These packs deliver the benefits of 100% Farm Bill compliance along with the goodness of natural Cannibidiol when you need it.

Formulated in California in small craft batches, the CBD used in these gummies come from hemp grown utilizing organic farming practices. Liberty Brand Hemp uses organically grown hemp sourced from family-owned American farms. They refuse to use harsh chemicals, such as fungicides, herbicides, and pesticides.

Liberty CBD Hemp based Full Spectrum edibles are the best of the best in the CBD rich gummy market. Without a doubt, these have the cleanest ingredients with the best impact on inflammation from natural sources. Enjoy these in 100mg or 500mg packs.

A trusted CBD brand, Liberty products are made from hemp grown on American family farms. Liberty CBD Oil is 100% organic and without pesticides, fungicides or herbicides.