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Grow lush, potent cannabis plants with the Advanced Nutrients’ Starter Kit – a complete cannabis nutrient system that helps new growers get bigger yields. Get details and read the latest customer reviews about The Complete Marijuana Seed & Grow Set (Beginners) by I Love Growing Marijuana on Leafly. These cute grow kits will brighten any home! Our mini kits are super fun and easy to grow. They're perfect for the first time grower and for the green thumb who wants to learn more. Our 1/2 Gallon Mini Kit is designed to be placed indoors on desktops or w

Kickstart your success as a grower with a proven nutrient system used by the pros.

If you answered YES to any of the above, then you’re about to discover a revolutionary, easy-to-use system for growing huge, lush canopies of potent bud . . .

Even if you’re just getting started.

“This is my second time growing plants, and my first using the Advanced Nutrients Home Grow Starter Kit. And this time around my plants look so happy, healthy, and abundant– I’m honestly amazed by the products! My babies are 10x taller, greener, and lusher than my grow last year, and my yield is going to be pretty wild.”
~Brooke Burgstahler of Los Angeles, California

Introducing a Plug-and-Play System
Tailored to Your Garden’s Genome

Over the last 21 years, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of growers in more than 107 countries get lush, green gardens – using nutrients your plants crave to unlock a full, robust expression of their genetic code.

And Now We’re Sharing This Exact System With Anyone Who Wants to Achieve the Same Results!

Because here’s the thing . . .

Before you even put your first seed in the ground, you must be aware of . . .

The Biggest Challenges New Growers Face

Growing heavy yields of high potency bud can take years to master. And, if you’re a new grower, you’ll quickly find yourself buried under a mountain of information . . .

Much of which only serves to distract you and can end up working against your harvest.

What’s more, your garden’s genetic makeup is unlike any other plant out there . . .

Because just like humans, each plant species has its own unique set of characteristics and craves a specific diet to max out their potential.

Now, when you rely on generic fertilizers, you’re feeding your garden food made for tomatoes . . . NOT food made for your flower.

And when you couple weak nutrients with information overload, your plants are bound to get pretty confused, too.

Fact is, we’ve seen many talented gardeners quit way too early in the game, frustrated by the sheer overwhelm of those first few harvests.

So we sought a better way . . .

We’re Removing the Guesswork From Your First Grow

We’re making it easy for you to bypass the confusion and discover success even as a first-time grower.

Our team of expert growers hand-selected seven of our best-selling products and packaged them into an easy-to-use starter kit . . .

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So you can leverage the power of a proven system for a garden packed with heavy yields of high-potency bud.

By stacking these specific nutrients, the Advanced Nutrients Starter Kit will help you to achieve:

  • Bigger Yields: Ideal ratios of nitrogen and additional nutrients help to unlock a robust canopy of swelling, sugar-coated buds.
  • Hassle-Free Monitoring: Proprietary ph Perfect Technology unchains you from ever having to deal with out-of-whack pH levels crippling your grow
  • Maximum Genetic Potential: Research-backed product line taps into the innate power within your plants.

You’ll be amazed at the explosive bursts of resin. The heavy yields. The swelling buds.

Even better, you’ll impress seasoned growers with your fat, dense colas bristling with crystal trichomes and irresistible fragrance . . .

A feat that took most of them many seasons to perfect.

No Headaches, Just Bigger, Lusher Harvests Every Season

As the industry OG’s, we’ve helped countless growers cultivate award-winning bud . . .

And have eliminated the biggest challenges most growers didn’t know it was possible to get rid of.

Take, for example, our proprietary pH Perfect Technology . . .

A groundbreaking innovation that automatically adjusts the pH level in your garden for optimum nutrient absorption.

Now, most growers will tell you monitoring pH is the most tedious part of ensuring an abundant harvest.

Imagine, then, if you never had to deal with the No. 1 frustration that causes so many new growers to give up?

And that’s not all . . .

Now You Can Unlock Your Strain’s True Genetic Potential

Each of the nutrients included in your starter kit targets a different phase in your plant’s life cycle . . .

So your plants feast on a full-spectrum feeding program for a lush green canopy of potent, sticky buds.

What’s more, we included six bonuses to help you get started with everything you need for your garden.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • SENSI GROW: A&B Feed your plants the exact nutrients they need for robust vegetation and prime them for a flourishing harvest.
  • SENSI BLOOM: A&B This two-part base nutrient system provides comprehensive nutrition for a bountiful bloom phase.
  • BUD CANDY: Promote explosive bursts of sugar-coated buds when you feed your plants Bud Candy, the industry’s leading horticultural carbohydrates formula.
  • BIG BUD: This legendary bloom booster provides customized ratios of phosphorus and potassium to unlock bigger yields.
  • OVERDRIVE®: Overdrive® is a late-season bloom booster engineered to reinvigorate flower late in the game for swelling buds packed with potency.
  • VOODOO JUICE: Bigger roots mean bigger fruits. Hand-selected microbes promote a robust root system, which is crucial for getting dense, resin-coated colas.
  • B-52: B-52 contains vitamin B1 and other ingredients that allow the plant to focus its energy on developing sturdy stalks and bigger buds.
  • Bonus #1: Recipe Chart
  • Bonus #2: Measuring Cups
  • Bonus #3: Gloves
  • Bonus #4: Trichome Magnifier
  • Bonus #5: Droppers
  • Bonus #6: Sticker Pack

Just picture the expression on your friends’ faces as they sink into the effects of your powerful, potent flower . . .

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How I Do Use the Nutrients in the Starter Kit?

We’ve made it easy for anyone to use these nutrients, even if it’s their first season. Simply follow the feed chart below for the grow phase, and then switch to the bloom phase chart during flowering. Important: Please note that * All Measurements Are Shown In Milliliters Per Gallon –>

See What Other People Are Saying . . .

Check out what other growers have to say about their experience with Advanced Nutrients.

“Advanced Nutrients is ​the best​. The line allows us to focus on looking after the plant, instead of looking after what’s wrong with the plant. And ​the company supports us ​​in all ways​, ​always​. We appreciate the customer support and always get the knowledge we need when we call.” ~ Duncan Hunter of Greenbull Farms, Southern Oregon

“We’ve Only Been Growing For 2 Years, But with Advanced Nutrients ​We Won​ the ​Highest THC Award at Hempfest Cannabis Cup in Calgary.” ~ Amir Isackson and Boris Cooperman of ExoticStrains, Edmonton, Alberta

“Advanced Nutrients puts their products through ​a ton of testing​ to ensure they’re free of heavy metals so that consumers can safely enjoy an end product ​without having to worry about harming their lungs or health​. Our customers are ​thrilled with the results​ they get with Advanced Nutrients. Whether it’s ​getting buds to ignite real fast​ without having to feed their crops heavy metals, the ​increased terpene production​, the ​bud girth​, you name it. And ​their pH Perfect® technology makes it EASY​ for anyone to come in at any level and be a successful grower. And you can’t beat the Advanced Nutrients guarantees. And then, of course, there’s the founder and CEO, BigMike. He ​means ​so​ much to our community​ and has been advocating for us since day one.” ~ Donavan Best, Manager of HydroPros Garden Center, Utica MI

Bottom line: you’ll discover success much faster with a grow system vetted by the pros.

The Complete Marijuana Seed & Grow Set (Beginners)

The Marijuana Grow Kit for beginners can help cannabis cultivators grow from seed to bud. In this pack, you can expect to find 20 White Widow autoflowering feminized seeds that you’ll be able to harvest in as little as 10 weeks. White Widow is a 60% Indica / 40% Sativa strain that produces up to 19% THC and creates a euphoric, happy and relaxed buzz. This strain can be used to aid anxiety, combat depression and alleviate pain, PTSD and stress. This grow kit also includes a marijuana fertilizer set to feed 5 – 10 plants and a plant protector to keep mold and pests away.

About this strain

Bred by House Genetics, Mother of All Cherries is an indica-dominant hybrid of Mother of Berries and Cherry Pie. It has compact trichome-coated buds with purple accents, and retains a sweet berry scent. Mother of All Cherries is a great strain for anyone with a passion for fruity buds and heavy-hitting indicas.

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Mother of All Cherries effects

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  • Feelings
  • Negatives
  • Helps with

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Mini Complete Pot Grow Kit

Our grow kits are perfect for the first time grower and for the green thumb who wants to learn more. Under good conditions you can harvest up to one ounce. Contains everything you need to have a healthy harvest at home.

These cute grow kits will brighten any home! Our mini kits are super fun and easy to grow. They’re perfect for the first time grower and for the green thumb who wants to learn more. Our 1/2 Gallon Mini Kit is designed to be placed indoors on desktops or window sills or outside on patios or balconies. It can be powered by the sun or artificial light, and grown any time of year. Note: Seeds are not included with your grow kit, but can be purchased in one of two ways. 1) Sava sells seeds from Humboldt Seed Company. 2) You can buy seeds seperately from I Love Growing Marijuana. Your kit comes with a $40 coupon for this third-party seed seller, but that coupon does not apply to the seeds Sava sells. However you acquire seeds, a Pot for Pot recommends autoflowering seeds.

Just follow our simple step-by-step guide and you’ll save money while enjoying your own bonsai cannabis plant. Add only water, one autoflowering seed, and sun. Auto-flowering seeds make it easy by flowering after about 3 months, regardless of light cycle. This means you can plant it any time of year! These plants can grow up to 3 feet tall and yield up to an ounce.

Our included living soil blend provides all the sustenance your plant needs from seed to harvest. We poured our knowledge and experience into a box so you can learn to grow faster.

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