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mothers market cbd oil

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Of the 242 products tested, more than 75% were off level by at least 10% of the CBD value they listed on the label. One product contained an extra 700% of CBD and 10 products contained no CBD at all.

Beyond their purity award, Pachamama uses the same strain and family of plants per batch to create their full spectrum hemp products. Their hemp is extracted in a USDA certified organic lab using a solventless extraction method – leaving no chance for chemical exposure to our products at any point. To take it one step further, all of their products are third-party, triple-tested, and a certificate of analysis (COA) is always available. You can find Pachamama at your local Mother’s.

The top 10 brands tested averaged 1,091 parts per billion of phthalates. Otherwise known as plasticizers, phthalates are a group of chemicals used in products to make them bend and flex. At 1,091 ppb found in CBD products, that is 3 times the average amount found in consumer products. To offer some perspective, phthalates have been linked to being endocrine disruptors, even in small amounts. It should also be noted that the use of phthalates has been banned in the entire European Union since 2005 for this reason. Nine other countries, including Japan, Mexico and Argentina, have also outlawed the chemicals.

The 2018 Farm Bill asserts THC levels cannot exceed 0.3%. Yet, 100% of the products making THC-free claims contained some amounts of THC. This type of misleading labeling can and has resulted in failed drug tests, lost jobs, and lawsuits.

The 4 Key Discoveries

4. CBD Levels Are Terribly Inconsistent

2. Phthalates Are Present

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