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natural hemp extract

Our Natural 1000mg CBD Oil is our medium strength, unflavoured CBD oil and ideal for those who are already regular CBD users. Taking regular doses of CBD can be a great way to help rejuvenate and balance your body throughout your daily adventures.

Other reasons we think it’s cool:

One way to get the CBD into your system fast is by holding it under your tongue for 3 seconds before swallowing. A more palatable way to take CBD can be by adding it in a drink, we find it goes really well with coffee and can help to smooth the caffeine spike.

Made with 99% pure CBD extract and organic hemp seed oil, in this bottle there’s 10mg CBD per serving (2 drops) and 1000mg total CBD content per bottle. Always ensure you do not exceed a total of 70mg CBD (14 drops of our Natural 250mg CBD Oil) per day.

About our Pure CBD range:

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What is Hemp CBD?

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the endocannabinoid system?

Hi Sarah, We really appreciate your feedback. Let us know if you’d like us to refund you for the oil and place an order for the soft gels. You can email [email protected], and we’ll get a replacement shipped. Thanks!

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Although hemp and marijuana come from the same species of cannabis plant, hemp has little to no THC. This means that consuming hemp is legal in the U.S. and will not cause you to become intoxicated or impaired.

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Potential Risks of Hemp Oil

Healthier Skin

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Hemp oil is made from hemp seeds. In one serving of hemp seeds (3 tablespoons), you’ll find the following: