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north star cbd oil

Harmonic gelcaps are the perfect solution for users who wish to avoid smoking. Due to the nature of this delivery method, effects can be delayed for an hour or longer. When they do kick in, though, expect feelings of happiness, calmness, along with pain relief.

Dominant terpenes are Myrcene, Terpinolene, and Beta-Pinene. Users report feelings of intense euphoria and appetite enhancement. According to some budtenders, this flower may have an “aphrodisiac” effect.

Harmonic is a sativa flower that is evenly-balanced between THC and CBD. Harmonic contains 8%-10.6% THC, and 8.1%-10.1% CBD. Buds are dark green, with dark orange highlights. Most smokers will pick up earthy tones, like pine, when they smoke this flower.


AltaVie has a token presence on three social media networks – Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. That term is apt, as they have next to no posts on these platforms. They have exactly one post on Instagram (Valentine’s Day promotion posted in early 2019), and zero posts on Twitter or Facebook.

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Dominant terpenes are Myrcene, and Alpha and Beta-Pinene. Users report calmness and pain relief, as well as feelings of happiness and a low-key high.

This reviewer loved the lemony taste of Cabaret. However, he only rated the high as being “ok”, as it produced a small “couch-lock” effect. This effect is unusual for a sativa strain, so it may be worth noting when shopping for an AltaVie flower.

Out of the 100 customers who purchased Northstar Natural Hemp oil 81% of them have rated this product with five stars which shows that they got 100% satisfaction. 6% of the consumers gave it four stars meaning they were not fully satisfied by the Natural Hemp oil and 3% rated it 3-star implying that the consumers were only slightly impressed. Few customers were not delighted at all by this hemp oil, and they rated it with 1 star.

Northstar Natural Hemp Oil is currently going for $27.99, and it has a returnable span of 30 days from the time of purchase. The product can be purchased from the manufacturer’s website or at Amazon. Northstar Hem oil is moderately priced compared to the other competitor brands baring the same hemp oil extract quantity.

It is recommended to use Northstar Natural Hemp oil for at least one week before you if it is working on you or not, especially for the new consumers.


Northstar Natural Hemp oil does not contain any chemicals solvents, harmful pesticides, insecticides, and synthetic fertilizers. It is THC CBD cannabinoid free which makes suitable for users who are sensitive to high amounts of THC. The hemp oil is flavored with peppermint to remove the bitter taste.

However, the higher customer rating shows that the Hemp oil is perfect and safe for use. It provides excellent and long-lasting results on your body health.

The consumer is recommended to take 30 drops of Natural Hemp oil 2 to 3 times a day which translates to 2 to 3 droppers. The Northstar natural product is 100% money back guarantee because it gives you the results you expected.

The 500mg of Hemp oil extract contained in the Northstar Natural Hemp Oil is enough to bring healthy changes to your body. Due to the high amount of hemp oil, the results are quick and pleasing. Northstar Natural Hemp Oil is lab tested to ensure it is safe and for purity and potency.

Have been able to diligently focus on work. Effect is really fading. Light sense of excitement. Overall mood has returned to baseline.

Not as dry as some. light smell?

March 2019 – 1g order of North Star CBD

Irregularities With My First Order

Upbeat, jovial, stimulating effects nicely contrasted by serene sensations. Can add a dash of excitement/exhilaration to whatever you are doing. Particularly if you get the blood flowing with some physical activity.

I am still feeling a touch relaxed, a lingering cerebral lightness, and a smidge of an elevated sense of contentment.

The Majority of my second order came as one large bud. Ignoring the mold, it was still a dramatic improvement over my first order (pictured below). Is the most recent batch more representative of what we can expect going forward?

After smoking full joints of Solei Free, I continued experimenting with how to consume CBD dominant strains. I had heard from various sources that it can take some time to experience the full benefits of CBD. In theory the levels of CBD can build up in your body over time and provide more benefit over time. The half-life of CBD in your body is “estimated to be about 2-5 days“, with little CBD found after a week.