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MISS FOX: The Perfect Place For The Ultimate Pamper Session

Treating yourself to one of our signature MISS FOX aromatherapy relaxation massages is the perfect way to relax and unwind. We use the finest plant-based oils, together with organic aromatherapy blends that we select to meet your specific requirements.

And as you enjoy the subtle scent of the 100% organic pure cold pressed virgin coconut oil, don’t be surprised if you feel as though you’ve been transported to a warm, white-sanded tropical beach.

The treatment has been designed to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, cleanse and invigorate skin, and is the perfect tonic to detoxify, purify and relax both the body and mind.

Encourage clarity for body and mind with our popular Detox Massage. Our therapists will thoroughly dry brush your body with a natural bristle brush, before moving on to a relaxing scalp and hair brushing ritual, followed by a full body massage with your personalised blend of essential oils.

One way to chase away the city blues is to book a blissful Coconut Melt Massage. Using our specially formulated coconut massage balm, our therapists will perform a massage that incorporates a variety of long strokes and kneading motions to soothe tired and aching muscles.

All of our aromatherapy massages incorporate a range of massage techniques, but as our emphasis is always on relaxation; you can rest assured that you’ll soon feel the cares of your day begin to ease away.

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We also specialise in Chinese massage, which is another method of full body massage and is an effective stress reliever.

Looking for a full body massage on Bourke Street in Chinatown, Melbourne? Bourke Street Massage is the right destination!

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A full body massage lasts at least 50 minutes and focuses on the areas of your body that generally experience the most strain and tension, such as your back, shoulders, legs, feet, arms, hands and neck.

Bourke Street Massage is the right spot if you are looking for an efficient full body massage in Chinatown on Bourke Street, Melbourne.

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