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ojai cbd oil reviews

Even though the products that are offered by Ojai Energetics have been rated mostly positive by its customers, and the company does seem to provide quality items that yield effective results, there is always a chance that a customer may not feel entirely satisfied with their purchase.

“Extremely effective for immediate pain [relief].”

The return process has been made as easy as possible. Customers can contact Ojai Energetics by phone and email to have the process explained to them.

Ojai Energetics Shipping Policies

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Ojai Energetics is a relatively affordable company, though some products can be a bit pricey if there is a higher concentration of cannabidiol compounds. The most affordable product would be a 5-ounce container of the CBD Coconut Oil, which costs $27.95. Prices can reach higher than $100 for a trial kit that the brand sells.

“I had plantar fasciitis for a year on my right foot. I could barely walk. I tried everything—even a steroid shot. Started putting the CBD coconut oil on my foot two times a day, [and within] two weeks, my plantar fasciitis healed. I can now walk 4 to 6 miles a day.”

Ojai Energetics only ships its products to customers in the United States. We couldn’t find any international shipping options on its website. And its shipping prices and delivery times depend on the items purchased as well as the customer’s location.

We could keep going on about Ojai Energetics and their perfect score. Instead, we’ll leave it to you to experience them for yourself!

The Ojai Energetics CBD product line is simple and focused. We like to see CBD companies like this who don’t spread themselves too thin; they are doing just a few things, but do them at a high level. Their flagship product is the Hemp Elixir — water-soluble CBD in tincture form combined with hemp seed oil, moringa, organic VG, organic quillaja, and more. A nutrition-packed, full-spectrum potion of pure goodness!

Founder Will Kleidon went on a fruitless search for CBD oil back in 2014 for a personal health issue. He was virtually unable to find any CBD products that provided safety testing, used organic ingredients, and didn’t contain synthetics. He decided to create his own line to feel good about what he was taking and what he could provide for his loved ones. Thus, Ojai Energetics was born.

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Ojai Energetics goes beyond the requirements of our Safety Badge by including terpenes tests in their protocols — a great way to substantiate their full spectrum claims. And finally, if you’re in need but cannot afford the brand’s products, they have an assistance program to help you find the natural supplements you need.

Bottom Line – Ojai Energetics leads the way in conscious CBD commerce with stellar ethics and innovative products.

Their CBD coconut oil is a delicious treat for anyone to use in cooking, in beverages, or on the skin. Finally, Ojai Energetics makes a full spectrum CBD sports gel with all-natural ingredients like eucalyptus, clove, and ginger. CBD sports gels are notorious for containing some of the more dangerous synthetics like parabens, so we are thrilled that OE offers an all-natural option for on-the-spot relief.

We are in love with the principles behind Ojai Energetics: