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organic cbd coconut oil

Giving your skin a rich source of antioxidants, protection, conditioning, and anti-sebum properties.

Concentrations may vary from plant to plant, so some batches might contain more CBD but will always be at least 500mg. Natural plant colour variations may also occur across batches.

How to use it

Clare Farnsworth – 31/05/2019

Our CBD Coconut Oil is a unique, broad spectrum blend of at least 500mg organic CBD oil blended with coconut oil. By broad spectrum, we mean CBD products derived from extract or resin of industrial hemp.

Amazing taste and smells and feels super pure very happy I give it to my toddler to

Best to ingest! To gain the most powerful effects, eat this CBD Coconut Oil or add it to your favourite hot drink.

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A unique blend of two of nature’s most powerful Super-foods: Hemp and Coconut, our Organic CBD Coconut Oil is hand made by infusing milled hemp flowers into melted coconut oil.

We are the first certified organic UK CBD company.

Eat it raw, spread on toast, add to your favourite drink or recipe, or massage directly on to your skin for amazing results.