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organic cbd oil treats for dogs

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Ultimately, it’s important to go with a company that produces only the highest quality of CBD and ingredients that they include in their treats. Learn more about how to find high-quality CBD oils and companies. We’ve found these companies for you to help you choose the best CBD treats for dogs.

For further clarification, hemp and marijuana both come from the cannabis plant but contain different THC levels. Marijuana can contain as much as 30% THC, while hemp has a max of only 0.3% THC. So, while marijuana-derived CBD oil is still illegal in most states, hemp-derived oil is legal in all 50 states.

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Human use of CBD oil is growing in popularity, but are CBD oil, treats, and other edibles safe for dogs?

If you’re wondering about the safety of cannabis for dogs, be sure to read our in-depth article that discusses 8 things you need to know about marijuana and dogs.

Not all CBD treats are created equal. Like many over-the-counter supplements, the actual quantity, and quality, of the active ingredient may vary widely not just across brands but also across batches. As of now, regulation of CBD pet treats is not clear-cut. Do your own research as well before you choose a brand–try to find one that states its quality control and assurance measures. Even better, find one that veterinarians recommend!

King Kanine is a top manufacturer of CBD products exclusively made for pets. In addition to oils, they offer three flavors of King Kalm Crunch CBD treats. These cookies are formulated with naturally-derived cannabidiol and other organic ingredients, like honey, apples, and turmeric.

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To gain the full benefit of CBD from treats, it needs to be in a bioavailable form your dogs’ body can absorb. Petly uses premium water-soluble CBD in their treats to ensure optimal bioavailability [5] . Their hemp is organically grown and completely free from THC. Every recipe is third party lab tested for safety and guaranteed free from grains, pesticides, preservatives, and GMO ingredients. Plus, they’re made in the USA.

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Cannabidiol or CBD [2] is one of the most prevalent active ingredients derived from the hemp plant, a cousin to the marijuana plant. Though marijuana contains CBD, it contains higher levels of the psychoactive compound tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. The good news is CBD oil and CBD treats for dogs contain only minimal traces of THC if any, and these products won’t get your dog high. They’ll simply enjoy the health benefits cannabidiol has to offer.

It depends on the concentration of cannabidiol in the product and your dog’s body weight. Refer to the recommendations on the label according to your dog’s weight.

Price Value – With 30 5mg pieces per bag, you’re looking at paying around Since 2016, they’ve been on a mission to bring the best possible lineup of all-natural, allergen-free, and highly effective cannabidiol products for pets to the cannabis market. And they’ve done so while building a stellar reputation not only for the quality of their products but also for their amazing business ethics and fantastic, knowledgeable customer service..20 per mg of CBD.

Let’s face it, CBD isn’t exactly cheap. As such, many of the “affordable” brands on the market are actively toning down the potency of their treats. They do this by making use of secondary additives that actually reduce the purity of their CBD. Generally, if you opt for an organic brand, you should be on the safe side. As many of these brands focus on a farm-to-you approach with minimal extra processing involved. This sort of approach usually makes for a pure and high-quality CBD extract. And in turn, it retains all of its natural medicinal benefits that you and your pet can benefit from.

3. FAB CBD – Best for Small to Medium Breeds

Holistapet currently offers three different types of dog treats, each geared towards helping your pup manage and overcome a range of specific problems. Each flavor is packed with potent CBD for dogs alongside a wealth of medicinally beneficial organic ingredients to really up the benefit your dog will be getting.

Hemp Source – Natural sustainably-grown hemp from Colorado.

Effectiveness – At 5mg per treat, their products are potent and, as such, quite effective thanks to the purity of their CBD.