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organix cbd oil review

How does it smell?
Palm Organix’s full spectrum tinctures are made with 100% organic hemp oil, which would normally mean a super leafy, pungent smell that can be a bit off-putting.

2. Tailor-Made Products For Your Specific Needs
The team at Palm Organix knows that your needs are probably different from the next person’s, and they hate the one-size-fits-all approach to CBD so common among other companies.

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Flavor and Scent of Palm Organix Tinctures

Fast-Acting CBD Salve

But that’s not all:
Not only is this salve fast, but it also smells great (and you know how important that is if you’ve ever had to use Icy Hot….phew).
In addition to full-spectrum CBD, this salve comes packed with lavender and eucalyptus essential oils for an aromatic fragrance to help further relax your muscles and stimulate sleep, making it just as beneficial for those with insomnia as those with chronic pain.

Unlike most mint-flavored CBD oils that try way too hard to mask the taste of hemp, PalmOrganix’s ingredients make for an incredibly subtle and refreshing mint flavor with a natural undertone, making it perfect to take sublingually or in your favorite beverage.

Orange CBD Tincture, Too Orange?
Equally refreshing though slightly more powerful in flavor is PalmOrganix’s orange tincture, which comes included with MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides) to help your liver metabolize the oil quicker and put the cannabinoids to use right away.

Palm Organix has a healthy assortment of broad-spectrum CBD products for sale on their website and at their brick-and-mortar store in the Garden State:

Palm Organix was started by a husband-and-wife team from New Jersey with their eyes on the prize. They’ve created a company that cares with their line of broad-spectrum CBD — zero THC — products, retail store, and passionate commitment to customer service. Palm Organix gives us the down-home feel-goods! It doesn’t hurt that they win both our Safety and Innovation Badges, too. Now that’s something that should make you feel good.

Palm Organix products are made 100% in the USA, where they also offer free shipping. We find them to be overall genuine and thorough.

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The entire Palm Organix line is THC-free. But if you’re still looking for CBD with the entourage effect, you’re in luck. Comprehensive CoAs for Palm Organix products show strong terpene profiles and the presence of multiple cannabinoids.

Palm Organix was founded by married duo Alex and Karen in 2018. Alex comes from the investment/entrepreneurial world, while Karen has had a lengthy career in healthcare. Together, they sought to create a customer-centric company with an eye on service and support.

Which brings us to the Safety Badge. Because Palm Organix has up-to-date lab results for potency on all their SKUs — plus contaminants results for heavy metals, microbiologicals, residual solvents, and pesticides — they get the badge that’s the hardest to get. You might even say they go a bit above and beyond by providing results for terpene tests.

That’s probably what sets Palm Organix apart from the fray — they have amazing customer service. No matter what your health issues are or where your wellness journey has taken you, they want to hear about it. People aren’t numbers to the folks at Palm Organix, so feel free to give them a call or swing by their retail location in New Jersey anytime!