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pain relief oil online

Seems somewhat effective but has to be judged over long term
Vendor recommends usage in combination with capsules of same brand for better efficacy.
Can be a deal breaker for some.

For localized sports injuries, medicated patches still seem ideal.

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Issue with local brands is lack of finesse- sharp smells with somewhat raw preparation.

Alright it is 4 weeks since started using it. Now once a day application, about 10 to 25ml after hot water bathing the shoulder and arm. Gently massage the shoulder and the areas around and the arm upto elbow. In addition do the shoulder mobilization routine for about 10 minutes.
The oil is not very sticky, smells good and I would say effective to a good extent. No it is not curative as the skin and layers won’t allow anything to penetrate to tissue as per my science. But it probably increases blood circulation and the herbs do some work. But warm water fomentation/bath, mobilization and oil massage all together does work.

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Taj oil significantly decreases inflammation, edema and pain when applied externally

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Peppermint oil is known for its analgesic anesthetic and anti-inflammatory activities due to its effect on various pathways

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Gently massage over affected area