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prima cbd oil

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Ease the effects of stress with our science-backed softgels.

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2633 Lincoln Blvd #224 Santa Monica, CA 90405
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Broad-spectrum CBD essentials to help you de-stress and unwind.

"The Patagonia of CBD"

Take a moment and let it all soak in. The Bath Gem from Prima engages your senses and helps clear your mind. There’s nothing better than a hot, relaxing bath after a stressful day and this bath bomb is a perfect addition to help you unwind.

After sourcing high-quality and sustainably grown cannabis, their products undergo clinical testing to ensure that they are as biocompatible and as beneficial as possible.

When we think of hemp, images of cartoonish-looking cannabis leaves and unappealing shades of green often come to mind. However, Prima treats this medicinal herb with respect.

Is Prima CBD Skincare Worth It?

Across all of their products, their style of packaging showcases a clean aesthetic that’s visually appealing. It’s time to normalize the use of CBD, and why not start with skincare, body care, and wellness products?

This Prima CBD skincare review found that customers can receive 15% off their first order if they sign up for their newsletter. They also have a rewards program in which buyers can accumulate points to get access to exclusive deals and perks.

Let’s be honest, cannabis doesn’t exactly have the cleanest reputation. Often stereotyped as a recreational drug, we often forget that it can have many health benefits, especially thanks to its ‘cousin’ CBD.

This powder supplement uses an innovative encapsulation process that adapts Prima’s hemp extract into a water-soluble solution that’s easy to ingest.