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Unique to use, we have invested in our packaging to appeal to all. We want to make Pureis available to those who may be visually impaired, and for those who enjoy the experience of opening packaging, we have thought of you.

By working with the very best ingredients, we pride ourselves on great tasting products, as CBD is generally known to be bitter tasting and unpalatable. This is likely due to the presence of terpenes in plant derived CBD; this will affect the taste of the product.

Our clinical trials included months of clinical assessments, testing and examinations in a clinical setting. The results confirmed our Pureis products are safe in accordance with food law.

Packaging includes Braille and ASMR appeal

Our formulations aids with CBD absorption. CBD is extensively broken down and processed for excretion by the liver this is known as first pass metabolism.

What is important to you is important to us, this is why we have our R&D development team obsessively review every single precious ingredient to ensure it qualifies as a vegan-friendly material.

We have rigorously tested the product and have evidence THC content cannot be detected.

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CBD has also been known to reduce inflammation in joints, which greatly helps people suffering from arthritis. All of these beneficial effects, including that of psychological nature, are produced without imposing intoxication or without causing any direct harmful damage to other organ systems.

But the systemic effects are only limited to the brain and spinal cord, aka the central nervous system. Most of the psychoanalytic responses of humans are generated through the endocannabinoid system under the influence of certain hormones and chemicals such as serotonin.

Through this mechanism and many others, CBD can alleviate depression and anxiety by reducing stress levels and enhancing positive feelings.

Cheef Botanicals CBD Oil

Usually, the two main components used in marketing are tetra hydro-cannabinol and cannabidiol. Most people tend to choose CBD products that only contain CBD isolate, but in reality, the opposite is more beneficial.

The entourage effect explains when two or more elements complement each other in a biological system and produce an enhanced response in favor of the well-being of the organism. In this case of CBD oils, we know that CBD is extracted from a plant known as hemp.

Furthermore, the extraction of Hemp seed oil is done using CO 2 extraction. It is the safest way to preserve quality and freshness.

The legal percentage of THC in any product under the federal law of the United States is 0.3 percent. So, the full-spectrum product level of THC is a maximum of 0.3 percent. Despite the common precedence of information present on intoxicating effects of THC, 0.3 percent is beneficial for humans.

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There’s nothing quite like the smells and tastes that the cannabis plant brings. Depending on what strains are being utilized in your cannabis products, each product is going to emit its own unique scents and flavors that make every experience different from the last.

Manufactured in a facility that handles: wheat, milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, and soy.

Why do people use CBD Tinctures?

4000MG (Extra Strong): 1ml (1 full dropper) contains 133.33mg per serving size.


No. CBD is not psychoactive, therefore it will not get you high. However, CBD can have a positive effect on your central nervous system as well as your mental health and state such as anxiety relief. CBD is known for balancing out your central nervous system by returning it to homeostasis. Many users report feeling a profound sense of relaxation, alertness, or mental clarity from taking CBD.

Full Spectrum CBD (Hemp Extract), MCT Coconut Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Myrcene, Linalool, Pinene.