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pure kind botanicals cbd oil

If those technological credentials aren’t enough, they even created their own CBD oil extraction method. After two years of testing and rejecting the traditional methods used by CBD vendors, they weren’t satisfied and came up with their own, aptly called the Pure Kind Method. The company claims this proprietary, exceedingly gentle ethanol extraction is what makes their products the best. The integrity of all compounds is maintained which translates to better user experience.

The Pure Kind product lineup is limited to just five categories. But what they lack in variety, they make up for in quality with only organic or organically grown ingredients in the mix. You’ll find absolutely nothing even remotely artificial or synthetic here:

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Unfortunately, we can’t grant Pure Kind the Safety Badge at this time, since their CoAs are not only out of date, but contain no results for contaminants testing. Hopefully, they’ll get on top of this soon.

Bottom Line – Pure Kind Botanicals has an impressive technological background. Their CBD products are top of the line, and they earn major points with us for their innovative and sustainable contributions to the hemp industry and the world.

When it comes to sustainable technology and making use of everything the amazing hemp plant has to offer, Pure Kind Botanicals is second to none. The consumer product outfit of two major biotech companies, they’re offering top-of-the-line CBD oils produced through their own proprietary extraction method. And organic sourcing is a non-negotiable for this industry leader in biotech. They fall short of a perfect score according to our methodology, but Pure Kind Botanicals is definitely a top dog to watch.

This formula provides relief from anxiety at a dose between 30 to 75 mg. It may help with depression. In an extreme case of severe “ benzo ” addiction, the man said other formulas didn’t work. However, his first try was a 200mg dose of Pure Kind 3000 during the daytime. He felt 200mg is too much for him. Next, his 200mg dose was before bed for attempting sedation. During the day, 100 mg is the amount for him. When in need of a daytime boost, he self-medicates with indica cannabis from a local dispensary.

My friend’s story about doses is due to his extreme challenges. Everyone reacts differently. The best hemp product and dose for your body depends on height, weight, metabolism, and your health issues. After reviewing many products, the Pure Kind Botanicals products are our No. 1 pick for the best industry standard for effects and product integrity.

Dose Information

Euphoria, stress and anxiety relief, help with brain fatigue, pain relief, anti-inflammation. It increases metabolism and appetite.

Full-spectrum hemp extract MCT Oil .

Enjoy a multimedia experience with the Tortus Mountain sages . They share the latest education about hemp in its many forms. Today, one sage takes on the Wellness Nectar Tincture from Pure Kind Botanicals , a company devoted to a future of health, biofuels, and renewable energy.

In line with these values, Pure Kind Botanicals affirms the use of organically grown hemp, although they do not yet have an organic certification. Their extraction method is “a unique ethanol extraction method” designed to gently extract the healthful phytonutrients from the hemp flowers.

By sourcing locally-grown high-CBD hemp plants and using quality ingredients like non-GMO MCT oil, Pure Kind Botanicals offers top-notch products at a reasonable price.

Hemp Source: Colorado

About Pure Kind Botanicals

The company opened its doors in 2016, but their parent company PureVision Technology has been around since 1992. Throughout this time, PureVision has been committed to perfecting biomass conversion technology that moves us towards a “carbon neutral and more sustainable future.”

Transparency: Lab results are available on their website

CBD Types: Full spectrum and isolate

As transparency pertains to quality, they post third party lab results on their website, but the results are from 2017. Updated COAs would help customers confirm what’s in the batch that they purchase.