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pure spectrum cbd oil review

The brand offers four varieties of CBD tincture. Two of them come in 15ml bottles, which you can also buy in 2-packs to save money. Then there is a 30ml and a 60ml option, respectively. Here is a breakdown of pricing:

There is one isolate available on the Pure Spectrum site. It’s a fairly typical CBD isolate powder containing 99% pure cannabidiol. You have a huge range of options when it comes to the size, though, meaning that the price range is also pretty enormous:

Pure Spectrum CBD Topicals

Each vape oil cartridge contains 250mg of CBD and a terpene profile matching cannabis strains. The honey oil cartridges contain 100mg instead but come in the same flavors. You have the option to buy the following flavors:

Something that really caught our attention is that Pure Spectrum CBD doesn’t use PG or VG in the cartridges. There are some concerns about the safety of these ingredients, so it’s encouraging when a brand has cut them out. However, the site doesn’t say what the base is instead, which is worrying. You have the option to either choose between Honey Oil or Clear Vape Oil, but we’re not sure what the latter actually is.

The products are organic and THC-free. But what does Pure Spectrum actually have in store? Let’s find out.

Pure Spectrum has developed a wide variety of products so customers can choose the exact right one for their needs. Pure Spectrum offers the following product types:

“This product brought me relief from diabetic neuropathy that I have battled for more than 20 years. I got complete relief in a few days. I’m very happy to have found this as a solution.”

Pure Spectrum Product Pricing

Luckily, the shopping cart system used on the Pure Spectrum website allows customers to provide a review following their purchase—and there were quite a large number of reviews there, giving us an opportunity to gain a better understanding of how these CBD oils and topicals have helped previous customers.

While Pure Spectrum does link out to a Facebook account (which is often a great way to obtain an unbiased view on products produced by a company in the CBD oil industry), the link does not seem to work. The company also has an Instagram account, but there are no reviews that we considered useful.

Pure Spectrum is a U.S.-based brand that specializes in producing full-spectrum hemp-derived products. The primary focus is on the extraction and inclusion of quality cannabidiol compounds. The company has a store located in Evergreen, Colorado, but offers its products to the entire United States and abroad through an online shopping platform.