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ritual anytime tincture

This is my favorite CBD oil overall; it’s the tincture I reach for when I want to unwind but I also want to remain 100% sober.

Below are my five favorite hemp and cannabis CBD tinctures , along with their pros, cons, and what health issues and occasions I like to use them for. I’ve found that several of my picks can effectively help treat the same health issues, so the best CBD oil for you will probably boil down to personal preference.

Rosebud CBD oil: 350mg

Cons: Might not be ideal for people who don’t like added flavoring.

Pros: Works beautifully for easing anxiety and managing stress, and I’ve used it for pain management and sleep issues as well. It also smells and tastes delicious, and the bottle cap design is one of the most leak-proof on this list. Plus, Populum is packed with antioxidants and ships anywhere in the United States. Populum CBD oil is also third-party lab tested for quality, and the company makes their lab reports available to the public.

Cons: The bottle cap design isn’t great—this oil will leak if you’re not careful. Also, this option is currently only available in California .

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Ritual Dispensary is a medical dispensary in Glen Burnied, MD. We focus on elevating the experience and conversation with patients to watch positive progress grow. We look forward to serving the local Glen Burnie and Pasadena, Maryland patient base! Per new requirements from the MMCC, patients must wear a face covering at all times while on the Ritual Dispensary premises. This includes being inside a vehicle or outside in the parking lot. Failure to comply with the new regulation could result in suspension or revocation of a patient or caregiver registration by the MMCC. A face covering is defined as "a covering that fully covers the person's nose and mouth" . A face covering can be anything of the patient's choosing that meets this definition. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to serving you! We are currently open for in-store and curbside service. If you'd like to use our curbside service option, please follow the steps below! 1. For the most efficient and stress free ordering process, we ask that you please pre-order your products from the website. If you are unable to use our website, we will also take your order via Leafly, Weedmaps. 2. After placing your online order, we will notify you when it is ready to be picked up and what the total cost will be. 3. When you arrive at our dispensary, please call us at (443) 817-2842 with your car make, model and color so a Ritual Dispensary employee can come out and serve you from your vehicle. 4. Please remember to bring your state ID if you are a new patient with us! We appreciate the opportunity to continue serving our patients during this difficult time, and hope these options will allow you to feel safe and comfortable while continuing to shop with us!

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Ignite lubricant was created with women in mind. Passion doesn’t wait and neither should you. Ignite is paraben free, petrochemical free, latex compatible, and non-staining. It’s infused with top-quality cannabis through Amplifi™ Nanotechnology, allowing for instant results.

If you’re interested in experiencing CBD for yourself, there’s a California-based website that will legally ship CBD products right to your door. Eaze Wellness is an online CBD marketplace that was recently launched by Eaze, a well-known cannabis delivery service. It’s basically the of “licensed and thoroughly tested” CBD products.

Awaken is the perfect post workout bath bomb thanks to its amazing ability to soothe sore muscles and keep you feeling energized. And it’s hand-made with 100-percent organic essential oil blends, lab tested CO2 cannabis oil, and CBD isolate with no artificial dyes or preservatives.

Ignite CBD Lube

For a limited time, customers who sign up for an account with Eaze Wellness will receive $20 off their first purchase. There’s never been a better time to try CBD products for yourself. So check out the products below. Or click here to see all that Eaze Wellness has to offer, redeem your $20 coupon, and learn why so many women are turning to CBD.

This surge in popularity is likely to continue for the foreseeable future, given the fact that hemp-derived CBD products became legal under federal law late last year. And one particular reason for CBD’s growing popularity is the fact that unlike regular marijuana, which contains THC, it lacks psychoactive properties. In other words, CBD users experience many of the positive side effects of marijuana (pain relief, relaxed mood, increased appetite, etc.), but without the “high.”

Enjoy a refreshing boost on the go with this discreet, all-in-one vaporizer containing a pure, non-psychoactive CBD oil blended with peppermint. It’s great for use any time, and there’s no battery required, so it’s ready to go right out of the box.

Interest in Cannabidiol (a.k.a. CBD) has exploded in recent years, with fans of the cannabis-derived compound using it to treat a wide range of ailments including anxiety and depression. As a result, CBD is now found in a variety of health and wellness products. From mood enhancers to pain relievers to sex lubricants, CBD seems to have unlimited uses. In particular, more and more women have been turning to CBD to help with issues such as pain and stress. Some women are even using CBD products to help relieve period pain and other common side effects of menstruation.