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sativa cbd oil

One of the most popular reasons why many cannabis users use hemp is because it ultimately provides a more clear-headed effect than high-THC flower. Even though hemp contains low levels of THC, it can still knock you out. That’s one of the more well-known effects of CBD, especially when it interacts with other terpenes.

Sativas are generally classified as “daytime bud”. That’s because their effects tend to be more energizing and uplifting—enhancing creativity and alertness. Sativa CBD bud is suitable for daytime use. It’s the opposite of indica, which tends to have the opposite effect.

Elektra is an aromatic daytime strain. It has a nice balance of pinene and carophyllene that provides notes of orange and citrus, with subtle hints of flowers and cloves. Elektra contains over 19% cannabinoid content and all of their bud is third party lab tested for quality and accurate cannabinoid content.

Why choose sativa CBD?

Diesel Hemp is dedicated to providing that classic gassy sour diesel flavor. Lemon Abacus is a cross between Lemon Haze and their very own Original Abacus. This sativa-dominant strain has a bright and tangy lemon flavor that provides strong and energizing effects. Contains 10% CBD according to lab testing.

A sativa to knock your socks off. Lemon-Aid features super-dense buds saturated in trichomes with notes of candy and citrus. Arete says it’s the best phenotype of Elektra they have experienced yet. This small-batch strain is grown indoors in soil and contains 15.3% total cannabinoid content with 14% CBDA.

Fuji is some of the most potent sativa-dominant hemp you can get. It contains 23% CBD and with a total cannabinoid level of 24.1%. Fuji features bulbous buds and a hazy, tropical aroma. It comes packaged in a hermetically-sealed smell proof tin filled with hand-trimmed buds that go through independent lab testing.

While weed is notorious for its short-term memory impairment, sativa contains a terpene called pinene, which is said to actually enhance short-term memory function! Pinene lives up to its name by having a piney scent, and is also said to help provide the uplifting and energizing effects attributed to sativa bud.

General health and wellbeing

CBD oil works by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), a complex cell system discovered in 1990. Scientists believe this system is responsible for regulating body functions and conditions such as sleep, mood, memory, and appetite.

We do this by tasking our agronomists to select the finest varieties of EU approved hemp seed, to cultivate them in the cleanest, fertile soils of Europe and extract the CBD through 100% alcohol processes to produce the premium CBD oil that is Sativa Gold.


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CBD helps me with.