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If you are taking home a rescue dog and it is having trouble adjusting to its new environment, Serenity Hemp for Pets can be a big help. Likewise, if there is a storm on the horizon or the 4 th of July is around the corner, you can use this product to help pets that are sensitive to loud noises.

Serenity Hemp for Pets features high quality hemp seed oil and has many different uses including stress-relief, joint support and heart support. Despite not knowing where the hemp is sourced and the taste which some pets may not like, we think it is a top-notch product and would recommend it to most pet owners.

The formula with which Serenity Hemp for Pets was made has a broad-reaching effect for pets. That is a big reason why we like it so much. The hemp oil in Serenity Hemp for Pets has a natural calming effect on animals which makes it useful for taming hyper-active or especially nervous pets.


Another reason why we like Serenity Hemp for Pets is that it can be used for both dogs and cats. Hemp oil has been known to ease the problems associated with gastrointestinal issues in both humans and animals. It acts as in anti-inflammatory which may be helpful for gastrointestinal swelling.

As stated in the precious section, hemp oil is the main active ingredient but it is backed up by omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. Omega fatty acids have been linked with better cognitive function, immune system support and even better skin and hair – all of which have been mentioned in positive user reviews.

Speaking of anti-inflammatory effects the high quality hemp in Serenity Hemp for Pets also makes it ideal for joint problems. Has your dog or cat been slowed down by old age and creaky joints? Try giving them Serenity Hemp for Pets.

Also contained in the Serenity Hemp for Pets formula are vitamins E and D for added skin and cognitive support. The formula overall is somewhat typical of products of this nature but what sets this one apart in our opinion is the apparent high quality of the hemp oil.

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“We have tried every product on the market for a torn shoulder that needs repair. Prior to using my husband could barely lift his arm without pain, and since using the inflammation is down, and his pain is drastically reduced.”

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