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shark shock cbd oil

Shark Shock CBD

Very easy plant to grow and very resistant. All my other plants had some nutrient issues or bud rot. But Shark Shock carried on with practically no issues. She responded well to training and was definitely the biggest yield of all plants. Great for a beginner like me.


Shark Shock CBD

Easy strain, 100% recommended for beginners like me. Very resilient, she smells like garlic a lot. I decided to grow a small plant because i still looking for my THC:CBD best ratio for daily use. I havent tried it yet.

Shark Shock CBD

Shark Shock CBD, the medicinal version of Shark Shock, is a cannabis seed that originates from the “White” family, winner of several awards in the 90’s and crossed with a line containing high levels of CBD. The remarkable medicinal properties of the thick resin layer that covers the flowers live up to its ancestors. It is aimed at growers of all levels looking for well-rounded strains that boast medicinal properties. This marijuana plant is a guarantee of fast, easy, quality crops.

Shark Shock CBD has an intense, bittersweet flavour and aroma with hints of garlic. The effect is powerful and relaxing, more physical than cerebral but yet not too heavy. It is the perfect cannabis strain for unwinding and for alleviating the symptoms of anorexia, insomnia, muscle pain and depression.

Shark Shock CBD is the result of a project carried out in close collaboration with CBD Crew. It grows into an extraordinary, fast-flowering, easy-to-grow, vigorous marijuana plant that produces compact buds covered in resin. Beginners and experienced growers alike will obtain abundant crops without difficulty. Small to medium-sized, it is perfectly suited to small indoor spaces. Outdoors it enjoys warm and dry climates as well as the protective atmosphere of a greenhouse.

Characteristics of Shark Shock CBD cannabis seeds

Shark Shock CBD cannabis seeds by Dinafem Seeds belong to a feminized, Indica-dominant cannabis strain obtained by crossing a Shark Shock and a selected CBD Crew male, which has resulted in a high-quality medicinal strain aimed at those suffering from different medical conditions.

Shark Shock CBD cannabis plants showcase very intense flavours and aromas, with bittersweet hints and some touches of garlic.

Perfect for: Therapeutic users and those who look for a balanced, moderate high. Also for cannabis growers who wish to grow a heavy-yielding strain.


Thanks to her 1:1 ratio, Shark Shock CBD delivers a balanced and relaxing effect that is perfect for fighting stress. Her Indica dominance makes her also suitable for night time use. Due to the high CBD content in her, she’s ideal for therapeutic use as well as for those who prefer consuming marijuana strains that are not as powerful as THC-rich hybrids. After a hard day at work, while having a warm bath, enjoy yourself and relax deeply.

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Behind Shark Shock CBD cannabis seeds there are years of hard work, a process that started back in the ’90s with the birth of one of the most carefully designed strains of the decade: the legendary Shark Shock. By crossing this fabulous queen with a selected male by CBD Crew, we’ve created Shark Shock CBD, one of the heaviest-yielding strains of Dinafem Seeds‘ entire CBD catalogue. An all-around hybrid offering not only a really balanced effect but multiple therapeutic properties too.