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smiling buddha cbd oil

This supplement is classed as a natural Nootropic, which gives your brain the power it needs to get you through your day.

Buddha Perk is a unique blend of 10 natural ingredients to help make your day more productive and your mind more settled and focused.

This oil is not a gimmick, it’s potentially life changing. I have brought 3 bottles so far for some one and the effects have been amazing, less anxiety less panic attacks general well being, they just seem so much more positive in life 100% recommend

Our New Nootropic – Buddha Perk

By far the best product I've used so far. Getting a full night's sleep for the first time in years, plus the aches and pains from rugby are now minimal

Best product I’ve tried and by far the best tasting doesn’t leave the horrible taste in your mouth like others and I’ve found it definitely has more effect then others! Would recommend to anyone who takes CBD already or is looking to start taking this is the best around!

Along with a natural energy boost from the Guarana and Taurine, these carefully selected ingredients have been tested and the results have been better than we could have imagined.

This stuff tastes cleaner and purer than any of the other brands I have tried, and that is a lot of them. It is obvious to me, and I live in the capital of CBD, that these guys do something more and something better with their products. It is probably how they grow their own hemp organically and use that method of extraction that only they do.

We challenge you to test our Spagyric full-spectrum products against any other products on the market. If you are not completely convinced our Spagyric full-spectrum products are better, you won’t lose a thing with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

We love supporting independent practitioners in the Health and Wellness Industry and we know IP’s can’t always meet the minimum order quantity for wholesale rates. Our Therapist Program gives you flexibility and wholesale pricing.


Our quality does not stop at growing our hemp. All of our secondary ingredients are sourced from like-minded companies. No parabens, No harsh chemicals, No Sulfates. Period.

I got a free sample of the topical and tincture at a local mall kiosk, I met and spoke with the owners who were out here opening stores and they were a lovely couple that spent nearly an hour with me answering all of my questions. Not only did I love the owners when I got home I absolutely loved the products too!! I had never tried CBD before and now I can say, all of the hype is real. It is not snake oil like I thought it was, it is something that I love and use every day.

I have had 4 back surgeries in the last 3 years and I live in constant pain. When I get my monthly supply of Happy Buddha topical in the mail, especially when I am out of the previous month’s supply, I have a very very good day. Thanks for all you have done in helping my life improve.

Kate Povondra and DJ Petz fell in love at a naked hippie commune while learning about organic, sustainable farming. At the time, DJ, owned the largest edible dispensary in Colorado. For years, he had to suit up in a protective jumpsuit to spray plants with pesticides. Wanting to find an organic solution and a more sustainable lifestyle, he set out on a quest to grow the best hemp possible.