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sol cbd oil

Each bottle contains 30ml of liquid, 300mg of CBD, and 300mg of industrial hemp oil for $79. You save 10% by subscribing. A 2-pack costs $150 while a 3-pack costs $210. SOL CBD recommends putting four ‘pumps’ into a glass of water and drinking it once a day. There are approximately 54 servings per bottle.

If you scroll to the bottom of the page of any individual product, you will see that SOL CBD has proudly displayed Certificates of Analysis from ProVerde Laboratories.

SOL has also launched a couple of skincare products. The CBD infused herbal balm contains four ounces of cream with 125mg of CBD in total for $47. A 2-pack costs $89 and a 3-pack costs $123. There is also the usual 10% discount for subscribers. The balm has a total of 13 ingredients. To use, rub it on the affected area and allow the power of CBD to do the rest. The balm is primarily designed to soothe aching muscles and joints.

What About SOL CBD’s Other Products?

The products are sourced from high-quality hemp grown in the United States, the CBD is extracted using the ‘gold standard’ CO2 extraction method, and the brand aims to educate users rather than just selling them the products and being done with it. I wish it would update some of its information and acknowledge that CBD is not strictly legal in all 50 American states, but it isn’t alone in this mistaken belief.

SOL CBD’s tincture uses CO2 extraction to remove the CBD from the hemp, which is grown organically in the United States, and MCT oil is used as the ‘carrier.’ Like too many CBD sellers; however, SOL says that cannabidiol is legal in all states. This claim is NOT true as residents of Nebraska and South Dakota will attest.

You receive FREE shipping on all orders over $75; otherwise, you’re charged a flat fee of $5.95. At present, SOL CBD does not ship internationally. It is refreshing to see that SOL CBD offers a 60-day money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with your order. If you receive a damaged product, you need to make your claim within 72 hours by writing to [email protected]

According to SOL CBD, this product utilizes ‘breakthrough’ technology that enables CBD to get into your cells more efficiently than ever before. As a result, you benefit from a much higher ‘bioavailability’ rate. In other words, you need less CBD to provide the same effect as a larger dose of CBD from a different source.

Twice a Day I’m on my feet all day and I started using SOL cinnamint a few months ago instead of Advil or Aleve for general aches and pains. Now I take it morning and night, after reading all the benefits of cbd oil. Can’t hurt! I sleep well and feel pretty good for 62. Thanks! I’ve tried other brands but I really like this one the best!

The effectiveness of SOL CBD: My experience has been and continues to be wonderful! It helps me relative to sleep and pain in the evening, and is even helping me with some very severe tooth pain the last couple of days, a blessing! My skin tone seems more even, and better overall coloring, and I have an added sense of well being, a wonderful thing! My overall experience with SOL CBD for the last five months has been consistently positive, and for this, I am extremely thankful! Feeling blessed and healthy

Love it! I have experienced great sleep at night deeper sleeps at night and my knee pain is minimal that I’ve been experiencing. Have extreme arthritis in my right knee. I’ve started doing spin class.

Cynthia D.

Love using SOL*CBD I started using the balm two weeks ago and the 450mg Capsules this past week, and my pain level have dropped from a normal Pain Level of 7-9, to a Pain Level of 5-7. I had my reservations at first until I talked to my sister and mom who have been using SOL*CBD for a while now. I am glad I finally started using CBD’s for my Pain Management Program. My VA Dr. is in total agreement with me about my choice to use CBD’s.