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Los Angeles, CA, Jan. 31, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Swissx Oil & Confectionery Inc. has announced the launch of the Swissx Delivery App, the only global, app-based, plant medicine rapid delivery service. Dedicated to bringing users the best of nature’s legal cures including high-CBD strain cannabis, and Kanna and Kava Kava products. The service is available now, limited only by local legal regulations. Go to to get started.

The luxury CBD oil and confectionery company has created the safest and fastest Uber-like cannabis delivery service, available globally with Swissx app now

Swissx is devoted to exploring and expanding the possibilities of plant based medicines, primarily through top quality High-CBD strains of cannabis grown in the pure mountain air of Gstaad, Switzerland. Swissx was the first CBD company to distribute on the grounds at Coachella (via drone) and is used and loved by Keeping up With the KardashiansScott Disick, Cheech and Chong’s Tommy Chong, Chief Keef, Snoop Dogg, Dave Navarro and former NFL star Tully Banta-Cain. CBD oil has been shown to aid with pain and anxiety associated with many conditions including M.S., P.T.S.D., cancer treatment side effects, and more.

January 31, 2019 19:31 ET | Source: Swissx Swissx

Swissx’s flagship product is medical grade cannabis strains with high CBD and low THC so can enjoy the legal, therapeutic benefits anytime and everywhere (percentages vary, but in the U.S. Swissx CBD products test at less than .03% THC). All Swissx CBD products are grown and made in the pure air of the Swiss mountains. It’s Swiss craftsmanship for your soul. They are available in flower and oil form and in a new extended line of products covering everything from beauty creams to pet foods. Swissx products are also available in its international chain of hologram & cannabis lounges in partnership with Hologram USA.

Hemp flower for smoking, high in CBD and with little or no THC, is growing in popularity throughout the regions of the U.S. where marijuana has yet to be legalized: the Midwest, South and East. Premium prices are being paid for quality trimmed buds. The industry acknowledges that a new super-premium level of smokeable hemp flower is drawing with superior genetics such as those developed by Swissx. The price of hemp flower ranges from $150 to $550 a lb. with predictions that the price will move to a range of $300 to $1200 a pound in the next year. Swissx sells 3g of smokeable flower at an MSRP of $TKTK, and Swissx pre filled joints use .75g and have an MSRP of $9.95 each.

The amount and quality of oil from hemp depends on the method of extraction and the Cannabinoid levels in the plants. Crude oil prices which range from $2000 per kilo for low grade Ethanol extraction to $3250 for more skillfully extracted Co2 Crude are expected to rise 15% over the next year according to Jesse Hagberg of Kush Cannabis Consultants. 15000 grams (or 33 lbs) of 15% CBD hemp biomass will produce 1 kilo of crude oil.

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CBD Isolate powder is in demand and hard to get. Powder form CBD is crucial for the booming CBD beverage industry and Swissx is currently doing R&D for a beverage division. The average price per kilo of isolate powder is $7000, and experts say a crisis in availability looms as bigger players join the market. Because Swissx controls its own supply chain, it is in an ideal position to avoid volatility in this area, an exploit a new field of products ahead of competitors.

Swissx Melon strain tests as high as 30% CBD. Conservative estimates show even beginner level farmers will produce a crop of hemp bio-mass that tests at at least 15%. Average price per pound is $4.00 per CBD percentage point. This price is predicted to grow to $6.00 per CBD percentage point with the next year.

Further processing takes out more undesirable chemicals and yields a brighter, lighter product. Each run removes 8-10% in weight, but still yields a higher valued product. 2 runs are preferable. The average price for distillate oil is $5000 to $7000 a kilo.

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Swissx offers turn-key licensed operations in select regions. From seed, to retail stores, everything is available. The first licensed Swissx regional operation is being planned for Thailand.

The biotech division of Swissx is rapidly transforming genus cannabis into a powerful super-plant, genus swissx, which will be unaffected by future regulations, and deliver even purer cannabinoid wellness benefits. Significant research is also devoted to the incredible potential of the lesser known cannabinoid CBG. This division is also operating a pioneering business cloning pets for A-list Hollywood stars.

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In order to facilitate smooth financial transactions between all partners across the Cannabis Industry, Swissx has launched its own cryptocurrency, Swissx Coin. It is tied to the Swiss franc and backed by an initial investment by Anakando Partners of $250 Million in cash and a premium cannabis seed bank valued at $25 million. Partner farmers will receive payments in Swissx Coin, redeemable anytime.

Swissx uses advanced, ultra-efficient extraction processes to cost effectively produce a wide range of extractives, isolates, boutique terpene profile oils, and polar nano- encapsulated CBD. We sell a wide range of CBD products in low THC and no THC form, as flower, oil, in pre-rolls, and in infused Swiss chocolates, with many more products are in development.

Founded by billionaire Alkiviades David in 2015, Swissx (Anakando Swissx Labs) has first mover advantage as the first ever mainstream CBD Wellness brand.

Aiming to ease legal marijuana related financial transactions, Greek billionaire Alki David and his Swiss based consortium has launched a coin named after his leading CBD company. The currency is initially backed by $250MM in cash and a $25MM depository of premium quality hemp seeds and will kick off handling transactions with Swissx’s vast network of cooperative of hemp farmers.