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thrive cbd oil

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And then you get why.

Review of Thrive CBD Oil

The first thing I noticed was that it comes in a small matte purple bottle. Even the cardboard box I eased it out of had a silky, upmarket feel – as if it could contain an expensive skin cream or even perfume. A few violet-coloured, branded information cards were tucked into the box it was all delivered in. Thrive has definitely spent a lot of time on their marketing, getting the colours just right – a calming soft violet. Just opening the box feels special, like you’re opening a present.

I received a bottle of Thrive’s CBD oil to try, for the purposes of this review. However all opinions are my own.

So what’s different?

At Thrive CBD, we are proud to present the best, most consistent, natural CBD hemp oil in the world. The cannabis plants grown on the signature Farm Bill ACT family farms are carefully selected. There is no import from abroad. Made in the USA.

First, we started working on logo, emblem and secondary brand prototypes. We worked on minimalist and modern logo alternatives. As a result of our careful work with our customers, we decided on the most suitable marking design. Then, we prepared the color palette by bringing together the pantone colors that we carefully selected and suitable for Thrive. We prepared the main color of the brand by focusing on “Lavender Floral Purple” as it mentions healthy products and has a relaxing effect. We preferred to use single color and vertical logo in the color of the packages.

Thrive was born with the vision to design CBD products that offer healthier (and better) out-of-the-box solutions and can be easily integrated into our daily life.

In this way, we gave a more minimal appearance. Then, we started to prepare packaging designs, taking into account the company’s logo, color harmony and briefs. We prepared the main and alternative branding concepts we made for our customers. We made the last processes according to the taste of our customers and delivered our works with care. As a branding agency, we think that we have created a contemporary brand identity that reflects the product well and will affect the target audience.

” Ok, why didn’t you tell me about this before? I’ve been sleeping on this stuff literally. “

” Not gonna lie at first I was sceptical but using it for just a few days I already notice a difference in my mental health “

Ease into finding your perfect dose with our entry-level 500mg . Ideal for kickstarting your CBD journey.


” I’ve been using this to help me sleep, switch off and calm down from my anxiety. I take it every night before bed and I sleep like a dream! Its part of my daily routine. “

” It’s only been a few days and I already feel less achy and more energetic “

Ease into finding your perfect dose with our entry-level
500mg – ideal for kickstarting your wellness journey.

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