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top o spray benefits

Just a note: I still have pimples sometimes because of my lifestyle[like now, no school staying up late eating garbage(no allowance) lol] and ofcourse, STRESS! it all adds up and boom new pimps. BUT with this it dries it up fast so no worries .

ingredients: water, oxygen and sea salt.

TOP-O 80ml (Spray can) (Php370.00)

Hello there, its Storm and here I am sharing my not-so-new-found cure for acne(I have been using this for 3 months now).

P.S when I ordered this I received their FREE MASK SOLUTION which is the same ingredients aswell, this one is called the SANSO Oxygen Mask Solution Moisture boost.(it has 8 compressed mask) and it comes with a cup where you can put the solution on and then put the compressed mask and tadaaa you now have a sheet mask..this is the part I love the most I usually put it on my face for 15-20minutes .

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Topical Oxygen Supplement

CLAIM TO FAME: A water-based oxygen-rich preparation to instantly boost skin health

FAST FACTS: Oxygen-enriched formula acts on acne-causing bacteria by penetrating the skin to stop their proliferation; moisturizes to prevent dryness and itching; light aluminum non-pressurized spray canister is easy to use; composed mainly of dissolved oxygen in 80ml volume of water; safe for all ages; can also be used to soothe diaper rashes, skin redness, and allergic reactions; formulated with water, dissolved oxygen, and sea salt

PERFECT FOR: Pimple-prone skin

Spray directly to the skin and let it dry. Once you spray Top-O onto the affected area of your skin, the dissolved oxygen enters your epidermis through your hair follicles or sweat glands down into the basal dermis layer. The transcutaneous penetration of dissolved oxygen directly hits whatever pathogen is present in the skin and eventually kills it. Oxygen is a universal healing agent. From a bacterium-caused infection to simple skin dryness, Top-O can easily bring back the skin to its normal condition.

CLAIM TO FAME: A water-based oxygen-rich preparation to instantly boost skin health

PERFECT FOR: Pimple-prone skin