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viking cbd oil

We offer Premium Full Spectrum CBD oil to maximize nutrients, terpenes, and benefits that our bodies are designed to absorb. Our Oil is manufactured in a Certified Commercial Grade & FDA Registered Facility. Every bottle produced is looked at with the highest scrutiny to ensure a quality product is delivered to every customer.

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CBD supports our bodies in a wide array of our daily lives. Our bodies are equipped with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) which has specific receptors to absorb the molecules and nutrients from the Hemp Plant.

Use this oil to help you CONQUER LIFE! Once you begin your regimen of taking Viking CBD oil Daily, you’ll be on your path to conquering the life you desire to live! Don’t forget to join our community of other people with the Viking Spirit.

Viking CBD oil helps you maintain your health, it even has the coveted Omega-3 & 6 Fatty acids! It helps maintain healthy joints and flexibility which decline as we age.

Viking Masek packaging machines are durable and easy to use. Our premade pouch and vertical form fill seal machines deliver consistent, quality results, day after day. Plus all machines feature quick tool-free changeover for multiple bag sizes and minimal maintenance requirements so you can get your products out the door faster.

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Cannabis packaging for multiple industries

Packaging Machine solutions for a variety of cannabis products

Premade pouch machines are great for companies that package a variety of products in short and long runs. The equipment is simple to operate and offers the ability to use packaging that is more customized than a VFFS machine.

To represent your brand with beautiful, child-resistant, and highly accurate packaging, your business needs a solid backbone of reliable, easy-to-use packaging equipment.

As with flax, used to make linen, the fibre from the cannabis plant can be used for clothes and other textiles. Hemp, of course, has also been used for rope production right into modern times.

“Hemp has a fibre that can be used like flax, but it is a little coarser,” explains Vedeler.

“We don’t know if hemp could have been used as a drug. Most of it was probably used in textile production,” says archaeologist Marianne Vedeler at the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo.


“The other instances were just individual finds of pollen grains. Much more has been found here,” says Frans-Arne Stylegar, an archaeologist and the county's curator.

The researchers reject the possibility that these were wild plants that had been gathered. This hemp must have been cultivated.

Vedeler wasn’t involved in the recent study but she is an expert on textiles from the Viking Age and the Middle Ages.

Scientists took samples of pollen from a bog during the original dig.