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whole flower cbd oil

In 2016 after being in business for more than 2 years, we learned about a proprietary extraction technology which keeps intact and raw the entire flower, providing a complete plant medicine. At the time we had many other products, and we added the Whole Flower CBD products to this website. Very soon, the fantastic feedback came pouring in.

The fluid is not clear, you may notice plant material and color variations in the product – this is all part of it being a whole flower product.

Why Does Whole Flower™ Water Soluble Fluid Get Better Results?

Being a distributor in the California market since 2014 helped us to understand which CBD products were helping people find relief from their ailments. We’ve worked with hundreds of products over the years and determined that full spectrum products, rather than CBD isolate products, were consistently providing the relief people hoped for.

There are several reasons why these products are so much more effective, and you can feel free to contact us to learn more. One of the main reasons is that THE STALKS AND LEAVES ARE NOT USED as the material from which to extract CBD. Only the flower of the cannabis/hemp plant is used, and nothing besides plant matter is removed from the product, so you are receiving nature’s complete medicine – in a raw and complete form!

This term was coined by the same person who first isolated the CBD (and THC) compounds and discovered and named the Endocannabinoid System.

I went to see my Primary this afternoon. I asked him what his opinion was regarding CBD and medical marijuana. I told him that I was interested in trying these things and hoping that they would work and could help me reduce or discontinue the (OPIATE).

At this point I can say that there are benefits in ways hard to describe, better sleep, less anxiety, and a better sense of self and well being

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Ha! You weren’t kidding, were you. ?