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whole plant cbd rich oil extract

In addition to many common flavonoids found in nature, Cannabis produces specific flavonoids known as cannflavins including cannflavin A, B, and C. A recent study has highlighted the powerful analgesic (pain relieving) and anti-inflammatory properties of cannflavin. If you thought aspirin was great, cannflavin may be up to 30 times more powerful!. Unfortunately, flavonoid research specifically related to cannabis remains vastly understudied due to the impossible hurdles set forth by the DEA and FDA, two federal agencies who have repeatedly ignored scientific evidence for the therapeutic value of cannabis and cannabinoids.

If you taste our plain CBD oil, it has a characteristic taste of pine pitch, roasted coffee, incense and dark chocolate. It’s the terpenes and flavonoids present that create such a bold flavor profile. If a CBD oil is stripped of terpenes, flavonoids and other bioactive phytonutrients, it will not be as therapeutic. So, many companies add the terpenes back in and claim ‘full spectrum CBD’, but it’s just a marketing ploy by sneaky companies looking to take advantage of buzzwords and trends.

Closely related to CBD isolate is another form known as CBD distillate. Distillate is made using a scientific process called ‘fractional distillation’ or ‘short path distillation’ used to remove the cannabinoids by their specific boiling points, especially THC. The CBD distillate then undergoes another process where the THC is mitigated so that it meets the Federal 0.3% THC guidelines for hemp derived CBD oil. In the end, CBD distillate generally has less than 0.3% THC and very little to no minor cannabinoid content, has a very mild flavor because the pigments/flavonoids/terpenes have been totally stripped from the material, and has a beautiful golden color because it’s been beautified and passed through special filters. In essence, CBD distillate is very similar to CBD isolate but it exists in an oil or semi-crystalline form rather than a true crystalline form. By the way, anyone who tells you that CBD isolate is “CBD oil” just because it’s blended into a carrier oil like olive oil or MCT oil is either grossly misleading you or is extremely uneducated. In sum, like CBD isolate CBD distillate contains very little to none of the list of whole plant enumerated above.


If you’re worried about all of these potential contaminants or the common astringent taste of CBD oil, CBD isolate — also known as single molecule CBD — is the purest/cleanest form of CBD available on the market. CBD isolate is typically 99.5+ percent pure CBD, so it is often called “pharmaceutical grade.” CBD isolate is totally THC-Free, so it’s been a safe bet for those sensitive to or opposed to consuming THC, or someone who gets drug tested for employment. Yet it’s what the CBD isolate lacks that makes it the least effective form of CBD on the market. Even though it’s pure in the sense that it’s the cleanest form of CBD out there, CBD isolate is devoid of the other therapeutic plant compounds and phytonutrients that existed in the plant before the CBD was isolated from the plant material. These missing components can be divided into several different categories, including:

This is our whole plant oil after it’s been blended with our premium MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) carrier oil for our tinctures. Notice the dark amber color of the oil. Isolate or distillate based tinctures will be clear to very light gold in color, and they will have very little to no taste. Our oil has a very distinctive flavor profile due to the whole plant elements below. Some sneaky companies take CBD isolate or distillate and blend it into hemp seed oil and then they call it full spectrum oil. Hemp seed oil is virtually devoid of phytocannabinoid content, so this is extremely misleading.

The goal of this blog was to demonstrate that all of the bio-active compounds found in whole plant CBD oil have major therapeutic value. We suggest that the next time you buy a CBD product, we encourage you to not just search for the highest milligram value of CBD for the best price. What else is in the CBD product besides just CBD? If your go-to CBD tincture is clear or very light in color, or it has virtually no taste, it means that the CBD oil has been stripped of its whole plant goodness. You might be paying a lower price, but in the end you’re really paying the price of not getting whole plant medicine. You’re going to use more of the cheaper and lower quality product, which in turn translates to more money being spent in the long run.

5) Lipids, vitamins, minerals, & other phytonutrients

Though CBD isolate was thought to be the superior form of CBD for many years, recent evidence suggests that whole-plant CBD is more beneficial than isolate, as well as other types of CBD. One study found that purified CBD isolate was only anti-inflammatory when given in a very limited dose range, which inhibited its usefulness. Whole-plant CBD, on the other hand, was found to be more effective as dosage was increased. This led to the conclusion that whole-plant CBD extract “is superior over CBD of the treatment of inflammatory conditions and is the best for anxiety relief.” 4

Hemp has a small amount of THC, but not enough to get you high according to research. This is why hemp-derived CBD is legal to purchase, whereas marijuana-derived CBD can only be bought where the use of marijuana has been legalized.

Is whole plant CBD the best?

CBD is present in both the hemp and marijuana species of cannabis, and is believed to be responsible for many of the plant’s benefits. Hemp generally has higher concentrations of CBD than marijuana. In contrast, marijuana has much higher levels of THC compared to hemp. THC is the psychotropic cannabis ingredient that gets you high, and it may offer benefits such has helping with insomnia, anxiety, and pain.

Regardless of your condition, it’s best to start out with small amounts of CBD and increase slowly until you find the optimal amount. But before that, make sure to visit with your practitioner first to find out if CBD is a good option for you—especially if you have a serious medical condition or are taking medications.

While these and other cannabinoids can be beneficial on their own, they have been found to be even more effective when combined together. The compounds work together synergistically in the body, which would explain why the body is able to utilize whole-plant CBD better than the isolate form. Because of this synergy, a broad-spectrum CBD oil with the THC removed will not have as many benefits compared to the whole-plant oil.